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Avatar 2: director says what is the best way to watch it at home

Avatar 2: director says what is the best way to watch it at home

Released in December 2022, Avatar: The Way of Water it has already become one of the biggest films of all time when it comes to box office. Several people went to theaters around the world to watch the action work, which has already raised, until the production of this article, US$ 1.9 billion, becoming the sixth biggest film of all time in terms of profits.

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However, there are those who prefer to wait a little longer to see the feature. Some moviegoers prefer a more intimate and reserved experience and are eager for Avatar 2 reach streaming or become available for rent through some digital platform. For those people, Cameron offered some tips on how to watch his latest film in the comfort of home.

Despite not being a huge fan of streaming services and preferring viewers to watch Avatar 2 film, the filmmaker said in an interview with NPR: “If you watch The Way on Water at home on a decent-sized flat-screen TV with a decent sound system, and if you sit close enough , you will have a good experience”.

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He believes, however, that when you go to a movie theater, you are committing much more to the act of watching the movie you want than if you did it at home. “I think that’s an important part that people don’t realize. You’re making a deal with a work of art that you’re going to give your full attention to. And you don’t do that at home. People don’t cry as much at home as they do at home. a movie theater. You don’t have a lot of emotion,” he said.

Don’t watch Avatar on your cell phone, says director

Finally, the director of Titanic said to watch Avatar 2, or any other feature film, on mobile is even worse. According to Cameron, it’s not just about the size of the screen, but also the multitasking factor present in the smartphone.

“I think when you start watching something on your cell phone, you’re missing the point. Going to a movie theater isn’t so much about the screen size or sound perfection. It’s more about the decision not to do too many things at once. “.

In short, if you haven’t seen Avatar: The Way of the Water, James Cameron would love for you to commit 100% to the film, and the best way to do that would be through cinema. Do you agree with the director?

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