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Avatar 2: Cameron explains why the franchise is not a superhero story

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Released in December 2022, the film Avatar: The Water Path has already become one of the biggest cinematographic releases of recent times, approaching, until the production of this article, the incredible mark of US$ 2 billion at the box office around the world. With that, the work is already the seventh biggest film in the history of cinema in terms of profits. Quite an achievement for the sequel to Avatar, which arrived 13 years after the first film.

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And, speaking of the movie that launched the franchise, a side note: Avatar was released in 2009, just a year after Marvel kicked off their famous cinematic universe (MCU) with Iron Man (2008). Therefore, the work created by James Cameron was widely compared with other superhero stories, something that still happens, especially after the arrival of Avatar 2. But, for Cameron, these comparisons do not make sense.

In an interview with BTV, the filmmaker said that Avatar is a more consistent franchise for presenting only one central story and betting on only one villain. Which is not the case with superhero movies, which tend to have several different narratives and characters. In that sense, Avatar would have a clearer direction, according to Cameron.

“It’s not like a superhero story, where there’s a new villain every movie. It’s the same guy, right? It’s the same adversary throughout. But how he develops is also very interesting as we go along. where we bring in additional adversaries throughout the story. Additional adversaries and additional allies,” said the director.

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Despite not “despising” superhero films, like others of his professional colleagues (Martin Scorsese is one of them), Cameron has already made it clear that he is not a big fan of the productions, having made occasional criticisms here and there throughout his career. He recently said, for example, that Avatar has much stronger female representations than Marvel and DC superhero works.

Will the director still direct some feature film of the genre or will he really continue to leave the heroes aside? Only time will tell!

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