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Audiovisual sector calls for regulation of streamings in Brazil

Imagem de: Setor audiovisual pede regulamentação de streamings no Brasil

Last Thursday (9), representatives of the audiovisual sector delivered the Letter of Tiradentes to the Federal Senate, a document that brings together a series of demands from professionals in the area. In between the main claims are the regulation of streaming services in Brazil.

Table of Contents

The Charter, conceived during the 26th Tiradentes Film Festival (MG), takes stock of the current situation of the audiovisual sector in the country and provides diagnoses and recommendations on distribution, exhibition, training and preservation of national productions. In all, more than 70 representatives participated in the formulation of the document.

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Industry claims

The text calls for “urgent progress in the regulation of streaming and other technologies for distributing and broadcasting audiovisual content”, with a focus, mainly, “on the defense of independent Brazilian content”.

Another claim is the quota for greater distribution of national films in cinemas. “Ensure the exhibition of Brazilian independent production in movie theaters and their respective sessions, aiming to make this important mechanism permanent and extend the quotas of Brazilian audiovisual content of the SeAC Law, and guarantee the effective inspection of its compliance by Ancine”.

Other Charter measures include digital education and the democratization of internet access.

According to coordinator of the Tiradentes Film Festival, Raquel Hallak, the objective of the document is “to contribute to a promising scenario for the audiovisual industry in the country” and to promote more discussions on the subject. In addition, Hallak pointed out that the Letter of Tiradentes is being delivered not only to the Legislature, but to the authorities of the three Powers.

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