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At Your House or at Mine: New Netflix Novel Will Disappoint You

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Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon starring in a romantic comedy in 2023 is pure nostalgia juice for fans of the genre. Too bad the juice actually tasted bitter and was hard to swallow.

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At Your House or Mine arrived in the Netflix catalog last Friday (10) and has been in the top 1 of the platform ever since. If you haven’t watched it yet and you have high (or even average) expectations, it’s best to take a step back.

As soon as it was announced by streaming, expectations were created since both Kutcher and Witherspoon are faces in romantic comedies loved by the general public, such as Suddenly love It is As if it were truerespectively.

Ashton Kutcher is back after years away from romantic comedies

In the plot, we follow Debbie (Witherspoon) and Peter (Kutcher), two best friends who had a one-night stand twenty years ago. Living in different cities, the two decide to “exchange” houses for a week when a professional opportunity is offered to Debbie in the city of Peter.

While she struggles to pass the exam for the course she applied for in New York, he struggles to care for Debbie’s teenage son in California.

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Also, both are emotionally unavailable, even with lots and lots of suitors. She doesn’t want to get involved with anyone after the divorce; he cannot maintain a relationship for more than six months. When they spend a week at each other’s house, however, they finally realize that they shouldn’t have left their romance in the past.

So far, everything is moving along normally in the world of romantic comedies, with a pinch of Harry & Sally It is Love Doesn’t Take A Vacation. The idea seemed good, but it was just the premise.

Good cast in a movie so-so

The movie tries hard, but it doesn’t deliver much. The nearly two hours of the plot go by quickly. but too fast to give time to minimally develop the characters.

The story it is shallow and develops in the most forced way possible. Here it is worth mentioning that yes, romantic comedies are clichés and have easy ways out of the plot. But At Your House or Mine manages to extrapolate the limits and follow the laziest path, even with a promising plot.

at your house or mineGood cast does not save In Your House or Mine (Playback/Netflix)

The cast of the film features good names in the rom-com genre. highlighting Zoë Chao , but the main duo is not very convincing as a couple. With only one or two scenes together in the entire film, Kutcher and Witherspoon don’t seem to have the chemistry needed to star in a romantic comedy.

Released at the time of Valentine’s Day (or Dia dos Namorados, as it is known in Brazilian lands), it’s easy to say that Aline Brosh McKenna’s film may even be in the top 1 of Netflix now, but it will be forgotten as quickly as it reached the top. top.

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