At least “The Witcher: Bane of the Wolf” did not disappoint. The best Netflix movies of 2021

The best cinematic films of 2021 have already been selected and judged by the majority of viewers. During the pandemic, however, the premieres on the big screen account for a small percentage of all we watched. A lot of really good movies were released, for example, by Netflix, from which I chose my own list of titles. And yes, there is also “The Witcher: Bane of the Wolf”.
Each ranking entitled “The Best Movies of 2021” will always be the result of certain subjective feelings and adopted criteria. Therefore, the titles selected on the basis of cinematic premieres and the offers of various VOD services must necessarily differ from those related to a single platform. Netflix, however, is such an important source of modern entertainment that it does not make sense to omit it in the discussion of the most successful productions of the year.


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A few days ago, I already indicated the best Netflix series from the previous 12 months. If you do not fully trust my opinion, I recommend that you compare that ranking with the list of the best-rated titles in the opinion of Polish and foreign viewers. The movies held similarly well on the site last year, so the list was supplemented: “What to watch?” having full-length works seemed to be another logical step. Which titles made a particularly good impression?

The best Netflix movies of 2021

7. Mitchells versus machines

Many animation fans had a lot of promise after “Mitchells Versus Machines”. It was created by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, the filmmakers responsible for “LEGO Adventure” and “Spider-Man Universe”. Ultimately, however, we can probably talk about a small profession. A family comedy with sci-fi elements is not a failed work. She wouldn’t be on this list if she were. Its plot, however, seems a bit too similar to many similar productions from the past.

In 2012, the story of a technological giant whose robots threaten all mankind (unless it is saved by the title family) might seem fresh, but this scenario came to light a little too late. Fortunately, as in every film produced by Miller and Lord, the visuals of “Mitchells vs. Machines” are at a master’s level.

6. Moxie

The theme of feminism and youthful rebellion is fairly common on Netflix. Unfortunately, all too often, the good intentions of creators who want to show sexism, which still prevails in Western society, lead them astray. The message becomes more important than the plot, and the whole takes on a clearly pathological dimension. Fortunately, “Moxie” is a positive exception to this trend.

It’s a smart and quite funny movie about teenage Vivian, who starts a feminist magazine in school called “Moxie”. The periodical is rapidly gaining popularity, but its anonymous nature begins to weigh on the girl more and more. If you are looking for a production for a feminist evening that is not afraid to show its own heroine’s mistakes, then “Moxie” is the perfect choice.

5. Oxygen

The final evaluation of this Franco-American science fiction thriller really depends on the individual approach of the viewers to the fictional twist presented in it. At first glance, we are dealing with a classic thriller about a woman with amnesia trying to get out of the lock. The authors of “Oxygen”, however, discover more hidden cards over time and give their story a completely new dimension. The scenario of the volt from the last act of some viewers will completely reject, and others will consider it a brilliant ploy. Personally, I am somewhere in the middle of this dispute, but I really appreciate the originality and ingenuity of this Netflix production.


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4. My Little Pony: New Generation

The animated series “My Little Pony” was one of the greatest television phenomena of the previous decade. However, it came to an end in 2019 and the next (quite obvious) step, according to Hasbro, was joining forces with Netflix. The cooperation is good for both companies, as they are already working on the series and several special episodes. If they are as successful as “My Little Pony: The New Generation”, then there’s nothing to fear.

The production is very intelligent about the success of the previous generation’s My Little Pony, but it also boasts its own aesthetics and humor. You can of course complain about the fairly simple message of the whole, but I hope that the series will be able to correct similar weaknesses. I keep my fingers crossed for that.

3. Ohana: The most precious treasure

“Ohana: The Most Precious Treasure” is perhaps the biggest surprise on my list. Before watching this movie, I didn’t expect anything special from it. Just another medium production of the original Netflix, which in the old days would have been immediately on DVD. Meanwhile, “Ohana: The Most Precious Treasure” turned out to be a heartfelt family adventure production, which you can safely call “Goonies” for a new generation. Not because we are dealing here with perfidious copying of someone else’s solutions. Produced in Hawaii, the film finds its own voice and history rooted in local traditions. For which he has additional praise on my part.

2. The Witcher: Bane of the Wolf

The December return of “The Witcher” turned out to be a huge disappointment, after which the Netflix series (and even more so, book fans) may not recover. This is painful news, especially since a few months earlier everything seemed to be going in the right direction. The animated prequel “The Witcher: Bane of the Wolf” hit the audience and was received relatively well by the audience. Some complained, of course, and I would not reject most of their arguments in advance. The only ridiculous were the voices that “The Witcher: Bane of the Wolf” is too much anime, because it only showed a complete lack of knowledge about the art of animation in our country.

But I can understand that the show has nothing to do with Slavic aesthetics. I also agree with the criticism of the overloaded script and the changes in the canon. It is true that the pogrom and destruction of Kaer Morhen caused directly by witchers’ attempts to create new monsters somewhat distorts the original vision of Andrzej Sapkowski. However, most of the above issues did not prevent me from enjoying the prequel. Mainly due to the well-directed fight scenes and the more outspoken and playful character of Vesemir, who was a breath of fresh air after Henry Cavill’s purring Geralt.

1. The Hand of God

Paolo Sorrentino is one of the best European directors of his generation and a creator is known for his aesthetically tasteful, extravagant films. I have been a huge fan of it for years and that is why I was waiting for the latest Italian production with great anticipation. Fortunately, this time there were no disappointments. “The Hand of God” in some ways resembles Sorrentino’s earlier films, but it is also a much more personal and modest story.


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The director, with great skill, mixes nostalgia for the Naples of his youth with the pain of the loss of his parents and the story of the maturation of a teenage man. He avoids banalities and great gestures, but virtually each of the frames he presents has an enormous warmth. The film “The Hand of God” (or, as it is also portrayed – “It was the hand of God”) is not intended to crush the armchair or make extraordinary visual flips. It’s actually a very quiet story, but not without moments of greatness. And that’s why I just had to consider it the best Netflix movie last year.


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