At GTC 2022, NVIDIA will hold a conference on AI: What’s new around Hopper?

A few days before CES 2022, NVIDIA announces the sequel and tease maybe already the future of its graphics cards.

In just over three days, CES 2022 in Las Vegas will open its doors and, as a preamble, several big names in the industry will be holding a conference. This will be the case in particular with NVIDIA, which could present various mobile products and/or desktops.


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Hopper and design multi-chip?

We do not yet know what Jensen Huang has in store for this keynote, but NVIDIA is already talking about the rest of the operations and, in particular, the holding of a hybrid GTC 2022 event that will take place starting 21st March and will last till the 24th of March.

The GPU Technology Conference will be an opportunity for the American firm to highlight its work in the field of deep learning through various workshops. NVIDIA also mentions the holding of a keynote of its founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, still him.

It is obviously far too early to have the details of what will be presented on site, but while the company is working extensively on the Lovelace architecture, intended to succeed the Ampere generation, it could be that the GTC 2022 is the opportunity to ‘go a little further by evoking Hopper, the next step. Hopper is unique in that it would be an opportunity for NVIDIA to showcase designs multi-chip.

NVIDIA GTC is more than just a conference for AI developers. It’s a one-of-a-kind community that comes together to decode the world’s most pressing issues, unleash the potential of AI, and reimagine the future. There’s no difficulty we can’t tackle with the help of thousands of developers, researchers, innovators, IT decision-makers, and business executives.


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Source: NVIDIA

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