At Apple, we will have to wait for the iPhone 15 Pro to be entitled to a periscopic lens

In 2022, the iPhone 14 Pro will finally have a 48 MP sensor, but no periscope lens. This option is reserved for the iPhone 15 Pro of the following year.

While telescopic lenses have almost become a standard on very high-end Android smartphones, this feature is slow to arrive on Apple devices.


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 Periscopic lens revolution will wait until 2023

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, very aware of the future products of the Apple brand, we should not expect to see this technology land on iPhone next year. According to him, at least one model of the iPhone 15 series will benefit, most likely the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and potentially the iPhone 15 Pro.

A periscope camera would allow Apple to offer a better and more powerful zoom. The telephoto lens of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is, for example, limited to 3x zoom. The Android competition in the premium segment manages to do much better, with an optical zoom of up to 10x for the Huawei P40 Pro +, a smartphone released 18 months ago.

A 48 MP sensor on the iPhone 14 Pro

Another analyst, Jeff Pu, mentioned a 48 MP sensor for the iPhone 14 a few days ago. Kuo confirms this information, but specifies that only Pro models will benefit from this high-resolution module.

The latter would work like many 48 MP sensors fitted to Android mobiles. By default it will shoot 12 MP photos with pixel binning to capture more light and improve the quality of the shots. In addition, a 48 MP mode will be available for higher resolution, which can be useful for photo editing, printing, or for zooming in the image.


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This 48 MP sensor would also be capable of filming in 8K definition. The videos could be viewed through Apple’s mixed reality device, headset or glasses, which would also launch next year.

Source: MacRumors

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