ASUS ROG LOKI SFX-L power supply with PCI-E 5.0 16pin connector

Among the many innovations shown by ASUS at CES 2022, ROG-branded products have certainly had a primary role, not only with regard to the new gaming notebooks but also for PC peripherals, increasingly advanced and refined. Although slightly muted, ASUS presented in Las Vegas one of the most advanced PC power supplies, it is the ROG LOKI SFX-L power supply and PCI-E 5.0 format.

It is a high-performance power supply designed to be used also on ultra-compact desktop systems, which offers slightly larger dimensions than the common SFX (+ 30% in length), all to the clear advantage of the dissipation system and the fan.


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ASUS ROG LOKI SFX-L power supply
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Not surprisingly, the ROG LOKI is equipped with a 120mm cooling fan , flanked by a system of ARGB LEDs and Axial-tech technology designed to optimize its performance. Available in denominations from 750 to 1,200 watts, ROG LOKI stands out above all for being the first power supply with a native PCI-E 5.0 16pin connector, a feature that as we all know will marry the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Always announced at CES 2022.

According to ASUS, this single connector can manage up to 600W, while returning to the technical data sheet of the new LOKI, we point out the 80Plus Titanium certification, the generous internal dissipation system of the components, and the extended warranty of up to 10 years (3 years for ARGB LED).

One thing to keep in mind with SFX-L power supplies is that they are 3 cm deeper than SFX power supplies, therefore they will not fit into standard Mini-ITX cases that strictly adhere to the form factor rules. Meanwhile, they will fit neatly within a gaming Mini-ITX chassis with enough room.

All power supplies will be covered with a 10-year warranty, whereas the RGB LED will be backed by a three-year warranty.


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