Asus presents a DDR5 to DDR4 converter card

A solution that could make it possible to respond to the shortage of DDR5
and extend the lifespan of the DDR4?

If on November 4, DDR5 became officially usable for ordinary people with the launch of the Alder Lake platform, in fact, we come up against a double problem: 1 / DDR5 is significantly more expensive than DDR4 and 2 / anyway, it is hardly available from resellers.


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Evermore than a prototype?

Asus, therefore, imagined an adapter to make “wait” the holders of DDR5 motherboards unable to unearth the aforementioned strips or not being able to resign themselves to spending fortunes. In reality, there is nothing to say that the thing will go beyond the prototype stage.

Asus DDR4-DDR5 adapter © TechPowerUp
© TechPowerUp

The adapter works as follows: all you have to do is plug it into a DDR5 slot and add a DDR4 bar. Note that, technically, the thing is a little more complex insofar as it is necessary to take care of energy management, a task assigned to DDR5 bars, but which is not possible with DDR4.

In principle, the thing seems functional, but we still doubt that it will ever be marketed. It considerably increases the height of the adapter + bar duo and, to stay on DDR4, it suffices to turn to Z690 motherboards thus equipped: this is not what is lacking and the B660 motherboards are also arriving.


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The fact that Intel’s Alder Lake architecture supports both DDR4 and DDR5 natively is the only reason such a card can operate in the first place. The CPU will recognize the DDR4 modules as DDR4 memory while using the converter card, indicating that the card isn’t fooling the motherboard into believing the DDR4 modules are DDR5.

Source: TechPowerUp

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