ASRock confirms the existence of Raptor Lake Refresh

ASRock corporation has confirmed that its 600/700 line motherboards are ready for the arrival of the Raptor Lake Refresh line, stating that a BIOS update will be available to support the new 14th Generation CPUs. According to the post on Weibo, these processors will hit the market in October 2023 – although there is no set date for its launch yet.

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Credits: ASRock China

Following the confirmed information, they also claim that there will be a single-core performance improvement between 4% and 8% and multi-core between 8% and 15%. In addition, it is revealed that the processors will have native support for DDR5-6400 JEDEC memory – a major upgrade over what was presented in the 12th Generation (DDR5-4800 JEDEC) and 13th Generation (DDR5-5600).

ASRock will include a new verification seal on its website, revealing which products manufactured by them will be compatible with the new generation CPUs. More details about Raptor Lake Refresh and even Meteor Lake should be released within the Innovation 2023 event, which Intel will demonstrate what’s to come and what are the next projects they will work on in the future.

Credits: ASRock

Attention with ASRock

It is worth noting that ASRock’s post on Weibo is curious in essence, as the profile on the social network is known for reposting various articles and even rumours. However, the information that appears in this was published by the profile itself – which leads to a greater content credibility. The strange part is that they did this on top of Intel’s own reveal, which shouldn’t be done until next month.

Another detail that cannot escape the eye is that the publication was carried out exclusively on Weibo, but not on the other global profiles of the corporation. It is possible that it was a scheduled publication that ended up failing or just a professional who wanted to throw the bomb to gain more followers within the platform. No one has officially commented on the post until the moment this text is being written.

Source: Videocardz

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