Although their joint works in cinema have been rather rare, arnold schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis have a history in common, having shared businesses (they both helped launch the franchise planet hollywood in 1991, together with Sylvester Stallone) and, above all, being two of the biggest action stars of all time.

Today, Schwarzenegger triumphs again in Netflix with his series FUBAR, while Willis faces serious health problems, having been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. In these circumstances, ‘Arnie’ has remembered his friend in a moving way during an interview with Cinemablend.

“I think that [Willis] it’s fantastic. He will always be, and was for many, many years, a great star,” Schwarzenegger begins. “I think he will always be remembered as a great star and a good person. I understand that, given the circumstances of his health, he had to retire. But, in general, we never retire. Action heroes just reload.”

In addition to FUBAR, Schwarzenegger to premiere on Netflix arnold, a biographical documentary of three episodes that will narrate his trajectory: from child victim of domestic violence to bodybuilder, from there to cinema and politics and, finally, the venerable figure we know today.

As for Bruce Willis, his rise to fame was not due to action movies, but to comedy, with the series Moonlight and movies like Blind Date. It was the premiere of Crystal jungle in 1988 the one that turned him into the figure full of testosterone that we remember in films like The fifth element and Sin City.

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