Armie Hammer: Check out where the actor accused of cannibalism has been

Armie Hammeran actor known for his roles in Call Me By Your Name and The UNCLE Agent, was the subject of numerous controversies in the past year. Accused of sexual abuse, rape and cannibalism, the actor lost all roles in films and series and, of course, disappeared from the spotlight.

The actor’s name has returned to the most talked about subjects in recent weeks after the release of the documentary House of Hammer: Family Secretsfrom Discovery+, which exposes the abusive history of the men of the Hammer family. But after all, where is Armie Hammar after the allegations of cannibalism and sexual harassment?

Where is Armie Hammer?

In May of last year, Armie Hammer left his home in the Cayman Islands, where he lived with his then-wife Elizabeth Chambers, to check into a rehab facility for the treatment of drug, alcohol and sex addiction.

Currently, Hammer works as a concierge – a type of receptionist in luxury accommodation – at Morritt’s Resort, a hotel in the Cayman Islands, in the Caribbean. Although he denied it, the former actor was seen several times in the employee’s uniform walking around the property. Additionally, he is featured as a personal concierge for guests on a flyer delivered to guests.

“He is working at the hotel selling guest experiences. He works in a cubicle. The reality is that he is totally broke and is trying to take up his time to make ends meet.” Variety.

In addition to working as a concierge, he also works in the timeshare sales sector, a type of property that is divided into different periods of the year.


In early 2021, 22-year-old Paige Lorenze revealed to daily mail details of her extramarital affair with the actor. The young woman exposed prints of conversations with Hammer, who was accused of acts of cannibalism.

Months later, another woman filed a complaint, claiming that Hammer raped her for four hours straight in 2017. According to her, the actor also assaulted her more than once. After the accusations, reports of numerous women began to pop up on the internet.

At the time, Armie Hammer commented that the allegations are nothing more than “bullshit” and “vicious and spurious online attacks” against him.

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