Are Apple glasses coming soon? New head of PR for Apple View

The rumors about smart glasses from Apple don’t stop. According to a report from Bloomberg, the PR chief of Metas AR division has just signed a contract in Cupertino. It should (co) shape the communication strategy of Apple’s first Smart Glasses, which, according to the latest rumors, will be called “Apple View”.

  • Apple is said to be the head of communications from Facebooks Metas have poached the AR division
  • You should be the public image of the Apple Glass Make a decisive contribution to shaping Apple View
  • The first task is likely to be: make a pair of $ 3,000 glasses palatable to Apple fans


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Your time on Facebook or Meta is drawing to a close after more than five years: TheVerge reports, referring to the Power-On newsletter from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, that Andrea Schubert has signed with Apple. According to her LinkedIn profile, she has been responsible for communications for the AR division at Meta for the past six years.

This adds another piece to the puzzle that Apple could give the world a first look at the Apple View at the next WWDC. In any case, the Developer Conference would be a good time to take the developers along – after all, a new hardware platform should not start without an ecosystem.

androidpit wwdc 2019 362
AR has been a topic at Apple for a long time, here for example at WWDC 2019 – back then in front of a live audience. / © Apple

There are many rumors about what the hardware platform looks like. Gesture control should be an elementary part of the Apple View. In addition, there is a price of 3000 US dollars in the room, which Apple should call for the glasses equipped with 8K displays. How the Apple View fits into the AR / VR / MR universe is not yet known. It may have to be connected to an iPhone or Mac, which provide the processing power.

When it comes to VR glasses, Andrea Schubert’s current employer is currently dominating – the Oculus Quest 2 is extremely successful. The number of potential residents of Facebook’s Metaverse is growing rapidly. Apple has to hurry if you want to set up your own ecosystem here.

The current situation with AR glasses, on the other hand, is reminiscent of 2014. At that time, the rumors about one became more concrete iWatch increasingly, and the great gold rush broke out around the wrist. After the watch launched in 2015, it took less than five years for Apple to become the world market leader in wristwatches – analog and digital, mind you. Android Wear, on the other hand, was not a great success, but with Samsung’s support it was able to make a huge leap forward this year – from 3.2 percent in Q3 2020 to 17.3 percent in Q3 this year (Counterpoint).

oppo air glass navigation teleprompter
Oppo with sat nav and teleprompter as example applications for the Air Glass. For the consumer mass market, the current AR glasses somehow still lack the right killer feature. / © Oppo

Now there is a similar wait for glasses. A lot must go wrong if Apple doesn’t at least announce its first smart glasses in 2022. And like in 2014, the competition is wild at the row: Oppo presented its first AR glasses at its Inno Days in mid-December, and Huawei also presented its smart glasses shortly before Christmas. Xiaomi already showed its own glasses immediately before the iPhone 13 launch in September.


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But let’s be honest: At least in the AR area, the brilliant idea for the consumer market is still missing. Actually, we’re all waiting for Apple and the Apple View. It is possible that the world of analog and digital eyewear will also face a new world market leader. What do you think?


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