Arath de la Torre exploded against Chuponcito’s imitator: “Don’t spit up”

Arath de la Torre exploded against Chuponcito's imitator: "Don't spit up"
Arath gave something to talk about for his explosive character (Photo: Instagram/@arathdelatorre/@pierredavidsp)

The situation between Arath of the Tower Y pierre david remains tense as a result of the comment that the latter made days ago. The impersonator charged that Arath allegedly receives extra help to carry out their performances within the recently released Sunday program The Challenger.

The imitator born in Yucatan, who has already been eliminated from the competition, apologized during the most recent broadcast of the program with Arath for his past comments, however, The actor did not take the gesture in a good way.

dressed as the clown pacifier, David said he recognized the talent of Arath de la Torre; however, the also host of the morning Today He asked her not to mess with him.

Arath de la Torre was criticized for imitating Luis Miguel in 'El challenger' (Photos: Instagram)
Arath de la Torre was criticized for imitating Luis Miguel in ‘El challenger’ (Photos: Instagram)

“Information reaches us differently than it comes out, so I come to that, with all love and humility I come to tell you that I admire you,” said David.

“I apologize, but I ask you to please not do that again, I give it to you as advice: don’t spit up. Nothing more than one thing, when I lost I hugged you, I congratulated you, I put on the networks that you are a ching * n, a mop that you did well, “Answered Arath.

“Apologies are accepted, I’m just going to ask you a favor: don’t mess with me. Do not mess with me. If you respect me, admire me, love me, don’t mess with me, thank you,” the visibly upset actor concluded.


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In the middle of the confrontation and when it was rising in tone, Lupillo Rivera intervened, who recommended the actor from dreamers to accept David’s apology.

the bull of the corrido mentioned that in show business Apologies should be accepted and errors corrected.

However, this intervention further raised the tension between the two and De la Torre pointed out that he was no longer going to give Pierre David a job in some project, just as I was beginning to consider.

Brother you’re not ready, I told you ‘I’m going to give you characters in The privilege of commanding but no, forget it…”, said Arath, who once in his dressing room declared to the microphones of Today:

“Then comes to make a fool of himselfto ask for one more opportunity, the one who lost, lost, when you lost I hugged you, I thanked you, I behaved like a gentleman”.

And it is that the Yucatecan asked to return the show, while Arath de la Torre tried to take control of the situation, something that bothered Consuelo Duval and reiterated that she is the host of the program Televisa. “Enough, here I am the driver”, sentenced the actress of The P. Luche family and presenter of divine nets.

Arath de la Torre’s reaction was explosive and for many humiliating, according to the opinions expressed on social networks, and this episode sparked new criticism against him.

Far from supporting Arath, multiple users on social networks called him arrogant, “having a very big ego” and little humility.

The actor "has well studied" the character of Doctor Cándido Pérez, since he has interpreted it in programs such as La parody (Photo: Televisa)
The actor “has well studied” the character of Doctor Cándido Pérez, since he has interpreted it in programs such as La parody (Photo: Televisa)

“My dear Pierre David Sansores, go ahead, the courage to tell the truth makes you bigger and that is necessary, not to bow down to anything or anyone, Arath de la Torre demonstrated his lack of professionalism and above all his misery as a person”

“Pierre David endured more face to face on National TV (almost humiliation) than what Arath de la Torre cannot endure on his Instagram, limiting the comments… hahaha his attitude and arrogance is a pity. He doesn’t know how to lose”, “Arath de la Torre says that you have to know how to lose, but he doesn’t put it into practice!! If you don’t ask him how he got when he was removed from #QuienEsLaMascara please be consistent, ”can be read in response to the clips posted on official networks.