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Apps to sell used things and find free products

Almost everyone accumulates things, either because they were given something they never used, they stopped wearing a piece of clothing, their children grew up and abandoned their toys, or for any other reason, they keep objects that only take up space. For do not throw them away and contribute to giving them a second useful life, They may be sold or given away in apps specially designed for that.

Traditionally used things are given to shelters, charities or put up for sale at small garage sales. Although these activities are still available, many may find it more how and easy to give away or sell your stuff on digital platforms to have a greater reach and to be able to choose who they will give them to. On the other hand, they are also useful for finding offers from other users.

Below are several options to choose the most attractive according to the needs of each one. There are apps for those who want sell or give away, and also those who want to take a look at things for freeeveryone will find a good option.

Facebook MarketPlace

Although it is not an application as such, it is a great option to sell and find clothes, toys, electronics and other objects at a good price. Some things are new and some used, so it will be up to the skill of the user to find a good bargain. Also, if you are lucky it is possible to find something else for free.

5 thousand

This app is ideal for those who are interested in finding or selling used clothing. From blouses to wedding dresses, 5 miles offers a large number of options.

Although there are other articles and even the sale of services within the platform, its largest catalog is clothing, and it also helps filter products that are less than 5 miles away (approximately 8 kilometers).


The perfect app for give away or find free food. Like the application mentioned above, although you can find other products such as clothing, accessories and even furniture, its strength is food.

Its main motive is to contribute to the circular economy and that food is not wasted, for that it serves as a connection between those who bought more food (or had leftovers and no longer want it) with those who want to consume it. The food can be sealed, open or cooked.

It also has a distance filter so that both parties can meet at a midpoint. It has no commissions or restrictions, it only asks for honesty among those who use it.


Here you can find different products. The dynamic is as follows: the user uploads photos of what he wants to sell and begins to receive offers. Those who wish to buy should take into account that here there is a greater quantity of used furniture.

The app rewards regular sellers while offering buyers rewarding experiences. It also allows both parties to leave comments to guide users.


This application emerged as a way to help the circular economy so that people can recycle and give things away. Similar to the previous ones, it has a distance range to find things nearby. Although it can be very useful to get products or get rid of them without having to throw them away, its defect is that it has few users, so the offers are limited. Either way it can be useful for browsing.


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