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Apps to learn English, French and Mandarin Chinese

Learn languages ​​with apps. (photo: Phone House A)

learn a new language It is always a challenge that requires commitment and continued practice. In that sense, a app language free It can be a tool to review and gain knowledge. According to Randstad, a leading Spanish human resources company, language proficiency increases the chances of obtaining a job by 37%. job.

Likewise, many of the following applications will be useful as a review and game for boys, girls, young students and for those who are preparing a trip abroad or to a country where they speak an “unknown” language.

Lessons can be found in English, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Portuguese, Italian, among others. That being said, here are some free options in the app store Android and iOS:


This is a famous language learning app. He has German courses, Chineseitalian, FrenchJapanese, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh and English.

His lessons are simple and Minigames; You can choose the appropriate language for your knowledge and set goals as support. It also has options that help learn pronunciation.

Duolingo.  (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)
Duolingo. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)


Have a course of Englishalthough it has complements to learn vocabulary in Frenchitalian, Chinese and Portuguese. It is free and available for Android and iOS.

In total, it has 600 lessons for all levels that include vocabulary grammar exercises, reading comprehension exercises, and mini-games and tests, although similar to other applications already mentioned, to access all the content it is necessary to pay.

(photo: Wlingua)
(photo: Wlingua)


This app takes users to an action-adventure video game to learn English French either Italian. It is focused on children and young people whose mother tongue is Spanish, since it takes into account the most common problems of Hispanics.

The protagonist of the game is Bethany, a girl who has the purpose of restoring peace to the kingdom of Wibbu through challenges that she must solve with the help of other characters with whom she talks while at other times she must fight with enemies.

(photo: Wibbu)
(photo: Wibbu)


Another option is TinyCards which was also developed by Duolingo. It is based on flash cards to help users to review various topics and languages. Here you can consult both the official content and other content added by users.

(photo: TinyCards)
(photo: TinyCards)

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This app has courses to learn 14 different languages, among which stands out the EnglishSpanish, Swedish, Norwegian, ChineseGerman, Russian and Frenchalthough like Bussu, to access all the materials you must pay a monthly fee.

It contains several tests, vocabulary exercises, grammar and short idiomatic elements of all levels. You can also choose shots such as hobbies, work, among others.

Photo: Babbel
Photo: Babbel


help to learn EnglishPortuguese, FrenchItalian German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Polish and Arabic with different materials such as audiovisuals, interaction with natives, division of everyday topics, among others. Its approach is more serious than the aforementioned apps and it is widely used in countries like Brazil, China, Turkey and Germany.

It has conversation, pronunciation and grammar exercises. However, to access all its learning options it is necessary to pay a monthly fee.

With the Busuu platform you can learn Japanese
With the Busuu platform you can learn Japanese


Another option is HiNative, a platform where users can interact with native speakers to whom you can directly ask questions about their languages ​​and cultures.

The available languages ​​are all those that enter the application to learn a new one; that is, if someone who speaks Spanish enters and wants to speak German, she will be able to find a person from that country so that she can ask her any questions. This app offers a free way. Very entertaining to learn and learn more about foreign cultures.

(photo: HiNative)
(photo: HiNative)

The Old Reliable: Google Translate

Finally, and although TechMarkup promised 7 applications, the platform that never fails can never be left out: the Google translator. Although it does not have exercises or dynamic options to learn another language, it helps to translate any word or phrase in practically any existing language. Also, you have the option of speaking (or listening) to learn pronunciation.

Use Google Translate in offline mode.  (photo: Andro4all)
Use Google Translate in offline mode. (photo: Andro4all)

How to diagnose the level of English with artificial intelligence

A team of young Colombians created LEAH (Learn English at Home), an application to diagnose and optimize students’ learning of English through artificial intelligence.

Its technology is based on the Artificial Intelligence model of Riid Labs, a Korean giant backed by the International SoftBack fund and was born within the framework of the Deep Tech Exchange Program sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in which LEAH received a $120,000 start-up award for its innovation.

At the moment it is considered the only application on the market that measures, monitors in real time and certifies the level of English of a person from the cell phone.

“It is the first diagnosis powered by artificial intelligence of English that revolutionizes the market since currently a diagnostic test takes between 45 minutes to 3 hours vs LEAH that measures the level of English with a high degree of precision in just 12 minutes”, said Camilo Sardi, co-founder of LEAH.

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