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Apps to get sugar daddy or sugar mommy

Applications to meet mature and wealthy people
Applications to meet mature and wealthy people

Although search engines indicate that terms such as “sugar daddy”, “sugar mommy” or “sugar how to get” are the most popular in recent years, this is not a new practice, but the dating older people and people with a better economic position has always been a common practice in society. However, that is not why it has ceased to be a taboo.

According to the Seeking website, sugar daddies and mommies “They are successful men and women who know what they want. They are motivated and enjoy attractive company at their side. Money is not an issue, so they are generous when it comes to supporting a sugar baby.”

In short, this type of relationship is what has also been known as hypergamy, which consists of seeking a better social and economic position through a partner who can provide these living conditions.

This is a list of some of the most used applications to get a sugar daddy or sugar mommy


This is perhaps the best known application to find relationships that are economically beneficial. When the term “Sugar daddy” began to gain popularity on the internet, shortly after this app appeared on the radarbut by then its name was “Seeking Arrangement”.

The objective has been for users to reach agreements that are convenient for both parties, going directly to the point and without many detours. Sugar daddies and mommies can be found, and same-sex matches are also possible.


Mature women with money have shown a great interest in finding young and attractive people to give them a lot of “sugar and love”.”, and for this reason this application has been created especially for the female audience that is looking for sugar babies.

In this application, all you have to do is register, verify the profile, upload the photos and write a short text describing your interests, likes and the type of relationship you are looking for.


Glambu’s motto is exclusivity, on this platform you can only find relationships between female sugar babies and sugar daddies. The latter must pay a membership to show that it is not just any person playing, but that it is really a man with money.

In the case of women, there is no need to pay for memberships, you just have to register, upload a good resolution photo to your profile and wait for a potential partner to contact you so that she can decide whether or not to accept.

Seeking Millionaire Dating (SDM)

This is another application that looks for both parties to have high it is only available for the 20 richest countries in the world, at least for the Sugar Daddy or Mommy mode.

And although these types of applications have recently presented difficulties and have stopped working on some operating systems, SDM is available for iOS and Android.


This App works similarly to Tinder and other conventional dating and relationship apps, users register and can swipe sideways to match someone they like or to discard as well.

This platform is one of the most popular for this type of mutually beneficial relationship and allows you to record a greater amount of data such as age or location.

One more, Tinder

Although Tinder is not an application designed for this segment of online dating, it has also turned out to be very useful for finding sugar mommies and daddies.

Many people on the web report that the way to use the platform for this purpose: increasing the age range of the people you want to be shown as suggestions, going from marking the minimum age of the potential couple at 25 to leaving it at least 50.


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