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Apps to convert photos and videos into cartoon or anime characters

Art and technology are present in the wide variety of applications available to edit photos and turn them into true works of art. Thanks to artificial intelligence it is possible, in a few steps, to generate images with all kinds of aesthetics.

Among the available options, there are tools that allow you to convert images into cartoons, anime characters or add a pop or comic aesthetic.

1.Toon App

The application allows you to turn photos into cartoons, thanks to an artificial intelligence system. Have editing tools to adjust filters, definition and cropping. It is possible to modify photos from the reel or directly open the camera from the app and take a selfie to modify directly from there.

The platform also allows you to draw on photos, automatically remove the background of the original image and customize it with some of the available designs. It is available for iOS and Android.

2. Comic

With this service it is possible to turn photos into comics or cartoons. Simply select an image from the gallery or take one from the camera and then add one of the preset filters.

What’s more, offers the possibility to add thought balloons or speech bubbles. Ideal for making memes or simply sharing thoughts in a creative and fun way. It is only available for Android.

3. ToonArt Photos

It integrates various editing options to edit photos and turn them into cartoon, avatar or anime.

Various effects are available for photos such as dripping, filters, digital portraits, and cartoon videos. It is possible to generate artistic pieces from videos or photos in a few steps.

It is available for Google and Apple mobile operating systems.

4.Cartoon Face Changer Pro-Anime

The app places anime faces on the face of the photo that is selected. Unlike those mentioned above, it does not generate a filter using the user’s face as a base, but directly add a mask of any of the available anime characters.

It has editing tools to crop or adjust tones to the images. It is available for iOS and Android.

5.Moment Cam

The platform has tools to create custom caricatures, avatars, and animated emojis. In addition, it is possible to customize the background of the selected photos.

Once the image to be modified has been chosen or a photo has been taken from the integrated camera app, it is possible to customize the avatar by choosing glasses, skin color, hair, aesthetics and much more. It can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play.

6. Toon Hub

This is another tool to turn photos into anime characters with just one touch. There is a variety of animated styles in 2D, 3D, comics and with Renaissance aesthetics.

You can modify and add the backgrounds of the images, either using the templates that the system has or creating your own design. It is compatible with Apple and Google mobile operating systems.

7. Voila AI Artist

This application not only allows you to convert selfies or other images into 3D cartoons, with Pixar style, but it is also possible to generate designs following the line of painting from the XV, XVIII or XX centuries. It is even possible to digitally rejuvenate any photo until turning the selected face into a photo of a baby, as FaceApp allows. It is available for iOS and Android.

8.Cartoon Photo Editor

It allows you to generate cartoons from the photos in the gallery or from the ones you take with the front camera. It is also possible to produce images with pencil sketch or pop art aesthetics. There are cartoon style filters, effects, and other editing options. It is available for Android.



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