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Applications to improve the volume of a cell phone

Before you buy a smartphone You can see its power specifications and camera configuration, but what is always a mystery is the volume of the speaker, which a user can really only comment on when performing the corresponding tests.

yesIf it sounds at a very low volume, there are still options to solve this problem.

Among the most important features, the volume is a key piece when enjoying any multimedia file from the devicethat is why in this article TechMarkup will list, without order of relevance, what are the 6 Applications to improve this section.

These apps are not a total remedy: the hardware of the speakers will not change, but they can be useful in specific circumstances and as long as they are not abused.

Most of these apps include a warning about possible damage to your hearing. or mobile device if you use the amplifier excessively. They should not be ignored, so it is better to measure yourself so as not to damage the mobilenor the eardrums.


Equalizer includes a booster as one of its functions. In short, it is an equalizer of five bands with bass amplifier and virtualizer.

The app offers about ten equalizer presets, but if you want to increase the volume, your attention will be drawn to the small volume control at the bottom.

Super Volume Booster

Super Volume Booster is a very simple application with which you can amplify the sound of your speakers and nothing else. Basically, just open the app and choose the magnification percentage you want to use.

You have buttons to choose between 125%, 150%, 175% and 200% increase, although you can use the upper bar to choose the percentage you want.

The application can be configured so that activated every time the phone is turned on.

Volume Styles – Customize

This app allows you to completely customize the entire volume panel and sliders on your phone.

Also, you will be able to add additional shortcuts in the volume panel and change the brightness to speed up access to things.

Volume Enhancer

Super Volume Booster takes such good care of its design that it has different themes to modify the design of the app (it must be unlocked by watching ads).

In addition to the graphic aspect, the application allows you to easily control the volume and gain, with quick buttons to go from 100% to 160% and a small section to control the music player directly from the application.

GOODEV Volume Amplifier

GOODEV volume booster app is one of the most popular volume booster apps with over 10 million downloads. It doesn’t have a fancy interface like other alternatives, but instead it has some useful options.

For example, from your options you can choose if you want it to be activated when you restart the device, as well as establishing the maximum amplification that you want to use, to prevent a person from getting too excited and destroying their cell phone speakers, or their eardrums.

volume booster

Well, this app has been left for last because, although it is functional, invites you to pay a subscription for too constant use. No need to pay to turn up the volume, although yes to use the equalizer included in the app.

If all you want is to turn up the volume, the app allows you to turn it up to 40% (or more, if you change it in its settings) and includes a compatibility mode which can be useful.


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