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Applications so that children can learn to read in an entertaining way

Learning to read is one of the main educational challenges that students face in their first years of schooling. And the mobile apps specialized in this topic are a good way to bring them closer to reading in a different and entertaining way, especially when they use games that facilitate the process.


According to figures from National Council of Education (CNE), the average reading is 0.86 books per person in Perutherefore, is lower than that of other countries in the region such as Colombia either Chili.

That is why it has been thought of create multiple applications with the aim of bringing quality education to schools by making responsible use of ICTs. Definitely, the promotion of reading should be applied from children to prevent them from growing up with the idea that they should only read to pass the courses. Thus, TechMarkup brings some examples of apps to learn to read:



One of these applications is Kidint, a tool to encourage and develop the technological skills of readers. One of the advantages of this application is that students can record their own voice as they read.

This allows teachers to correct pronunciation and verify that intonation, accent and grammatical signs are respected when reading, thus achieving a better socio-emotional connection. In addition, the material is in line with the national basic education program for children from 3 to 8 years old.


with kidint can work with or without Internet. The user only needs to connect to the Internet once to download all the courses of the year in his Tablet, computer either mobile phone. Students will then be able to create an educational dashboard to measure reading comprehension.

The app is available both in Android like in iOS.

Leo with Grin

Directed to children 4 to 6 years old, this interactive app features a green ‘little man’ that offers thirty lessons on different concepts of literacy, as well as two levels of difficulty.


By using it, children will increase their level in games where words are the protagonists. Its free download is available on Android and iOS.

IQ Learn to read with games

Designed for children and preschoolers to enter the world of reading, it has a variety of video game to stimulate this and other cognitive abilities.

To do this, it uses syllable or word recognition games, where memory and attention also play an important role. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Learn to read and write

It focuses mainly on the graphomotricityan important skill for learning to read and write words.

To practice it, it offers games where children have to correctly trace uppercase and lowercase letters, words or syllables.

This is complemented by an audio option, through which they have the opportunity to hear how the words are pronounced and thus enhance their learning. Available for Android.

MyABCKit: learn to read

Addressed to children from 3 to 7 years, offers a variety of games and activities to associate words, listen to sentences or create them, as well as audio videos and stories. It is in Spanish and English, and available on the Google Play Store.

Learn to read with syllables

So that the little ones understand that words are made up of syllables, This app for tablets or smartphones seeks to teach them through different games.

Drawings appear in it and the child must choose the number of syllables that make up the represented objects or drag them to create different words. It is free and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices.

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