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Apple’s virtual reality glasses will let you write in the air

Apple’s mixed reality glasses could be presented in June of this year and would have its own operating system. (photo: MacWorld Spain)

the lenses of augmented reality and virtual reality of Manzana would be about to be presented at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June of this year and more details about its characteristics and its functioning they are being revealed. Despite the fact that it was rumored that this new product from the company would not arrive to be available in official stores and distributors until 2024is already in its last phases of development.

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the company of Cupertino would be developing new controls and technology of gesture sensors in the hands and in the eyes of the users so that it is not necessary to acquire controls additional or accessories for the interaction of people with the system Of the device. In addition, due to the use of this technology, the mixed reality glasses of Manzana they would have a function that would allow “writing in the air”.

According to mark gurmanreporter specializing in Manzanathe idea that the company has for this new product would be that it can be used without the need to link it with a iphone and that, like a cell phone, it can download its own content. The possibility of writing texts just using the visual commands and hand gestures is still in stages of improvement, but the glasses could display the text on the headset screen as if it had been written in the air.

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However, for the moment it has not been possible to make this form of text entry completely fluid and gurman argues that there is a better way to introduce the content would be linking the glasses to a cellular device to take advantage of the touch screen and a keyboard easier to use.

Appearance that the Apple Mixed Reality Headset (9to5mac) could have
Appearance that the Apple Mixed Reality Headset (9to5mac) could have

Another of the differences that the sunglasses will have Manzana would be that by having its own operating system, loads of content own and not require a relationship with a iphoneit would not be necessary to configure the device with a dedicated application on the iPhone as the devices do. apple watch.

Apple would also be considering establishing levels of sophistication in this device as in the iphonewhich have regular versions and others that are Pro. Gurman mentions that, for the moment, the development or the production of other models, but it is known that there are plans for a cheaper version of the sunglasses mixed reality and that they could reach stores official only between the year 2024 or 2025.

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Create apps with Siri

Another new feature of these devices the thing is siri would have the ability to generate application programming codes so that users can provide instructions and create their own platforms using your own ideas.

According to the American media The Informationwhile people would dedicate themselves to the creative part of the development of the applicationApple’s virtual assistant would be in charge of fulfilling user orders and would generate items virtual that can interact with those physically present thanks to augmented reality.

According to The Information, Apple glasses users could create their own applications using Siri. (photo: iPadize)
According to The Information, Apple glasses users could create their own applications using Siri. (photo: iPadize)

The media outlet’s website also indicates that xrOSthe operating system of the mixed reality glasses, will carry out the design and calculation of movements of these Applications. In addition, it is stated that these glasses will have pre-loaded virtual environments to offer users immersive experiences like that of a zen garden to help in meditation.

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On the other hand, users could have support when doing physical activities, so an exclusive version of the device can be expected for athletes, or failing that, that a properly developed platform dedicated to this and found as part of the applications integrated into the system of the device.

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