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Apple’s virtual reality glasses let anyone create apps

Siri could have the ability to write platform programming code using mixed reality devices. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo/File Photo

Even though the launch of the mixed reality glasses from Manzana It has been postponed due to inconveniences during its development period, information about the capabilities and features of this new device from the company’s product ecosystem is being revealed and raises expectations about the uses that can be given to these viewers.

According to the American media The Information, one of the most outstanding characteristics of this device It would be the ability that anyone would have to use it as a platform for creating applications that require the use of mixed reality, even if they have no programming knowledge.

This activity would be possible since Manzana would be willing to implement siri with the ability to generate programming code suitable for this, while people would be dedicated solely to the creative part of the application development process, and the virtual assistant would have the task of generating interactions between the virtual elements with those who are present physically thanks to augmented reality.

Conceptual image of what Apple's mixed reality glasses would look like.  (photo: MacWorld Spain)
Conceptual image of what Apple’s mixed reality glasses would look like. (photo: MacWorld Spain)

The media outlet’s website also indicates that xrOS, the operating system of the glasses of mixed reality, will carry out the design and calculation of movements of these applications. In addition, it is claimed that these glasses will have virtual environments pre-loaded to give users immersive experiences like that of a zen garden to aid in meditation.

On the other hand, users could also have support when doing physical activities, so an exclusive version of the device for athletes can be expected or, failing that, a platform dedicated to this can be correctly developed and found as part of the applications integrated to the system of the device.

Other features and functions that Apple glasses will have

According to a technology reporter specializing in Manzana of Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, the company thinks that the glasses Mixed reality devices should have functions that are not present in any other device manufactured by it and one of these would be the ability to establish virtual meetings through the FaceTime platform.

Apple wants to make its mixed reality glasses look more like ordinary glasses for users.  (photo: iPadize)
Apple wants to make its mixed reality glasses look more like ordinary glasses for users. (photo: iPadize)

This feature would also include the development of realistic full-body virtual avatars that people could use for encounters in the virtual world, although the maximum number of people this version will support has not been specified. It has been established that once the number of people exceeds that limit, the platform will go from full-body avatars to a split screen with profiles as personalized “memojis” as chat icons.

Since a new device requires the creation of new content, Manzana He would have already been in contact with other companies such as Walt Disney and Dolby to adapt some of their products to this product for which Apple also seeks to adapt material from AppleTV+ for reproduction with these lenses.

On the other hand, because the aspect that Manzana wishes for glasses it looks more like regular glasses than visors that occupy almost the entire face of people, the company is working on the integration of approximately 10 internal and external cameras with which it will be possible to track the eyes and facial expressions of people with the aim of developing specific commands that use this technology, in addition to not having special controls like other devices, but instead generating interactions based on the natural movement of the hands.

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