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Apple Glasses release date: Everything you need to know about Apple’s iGlass

Apple's iGlass release date, Apple's Glasses release date

As you have probably heard, Apple will present new products in the live stream of the Apple launch event. In addition to the new iPhone 13, the manufacturer could also show the Apple’s Glasses also called AR glasses “iGlass”. Because the announcement of Xiaomi’s Smart Glasses could be a clear indication of the upcoming Apple iGlass release date.

  • Xiaomi presents AR glasses “Smart Glasses” in a press release
  • The release could be an indication of a similar product from Apple
  • Apple presented new devices on the same day, including the much-speculated AR glasses “iGlass”

The announcement of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses just fluttered into my e-mail inbox. The Chinese electronics giant is introducing exciting AR glasses that display content using MicroLED fiber-optic imaging technology. With a weight of only 51 grams, it is significantly lighter than the Microsoft HoloLens, for example.


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Even if I find the release quite exciting and tell you even more about the Smart Glasses, the timing of the release makes me wonder. After all, on September 14th, Apple is introducing new products as part of the “California Streaming” event. So there are now three signs that Apple will present smart AR glasses in Apple launch event:

  1. The event title “California Streaming”
  2. Tim Cook’s statement that Apple is introducing a new product category
  3. The release of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses, with which the manufacturer Apple may have wanted to forestall

Xiaomi’s announcement made Apple’s September event even more interesting. Because there were already many rumors about the iPhone 13 in advance, which we have summarized for you on the linked page. So far, there is not much specific information about the AR glasses, which are traded online as iGlass.

Apple Glasses release date

According to Bloomberg, Apple Glass will be released in the first quarter of 2023. Apple is getting closer to releasing a VR headset that will compete with the Oculus Rift 2.

Apple's iGlass release date, Apple Glasses price
A tiny image processor projects the content onto the glasses. / © Xiaomi

Apple Glasses Price

Apple Glasses are now priced at $499 plus prescription expenses, according to Prosser. That may appear modest, especially when compared to rival augmented reality headsets such as Microsoft’s Hololens 2.

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Xiaomi’s Smart Glasses are independent wearables

Maybe Xiaomi’s new product will give us a few clues as to what Apple will be introducing tonight. The biggest appetizer is that Xiaomi’s Smart Glasses are supposed to be an independent wearable and not just a secondary display for smartphones. This means that Xiaomi integrates a “multitude of miniature sensors and communication modules” to enable you to make inputs via a virtual interface.

The information is then brought into your field of view via MicroLED imaging technology. According to the press release, these are projected onto the inner lens of the glasses via a tiny image processor. The actual display sits in the frame of the glasses and you can see exactly how it looks in the integrated video from Xiaomi.

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But now to you: What do you think of smart glasses and the connection between Xiaomi’s release and the Apple iGlass? Do you agree with my speculation or do you not see iGlass as part of the September event yet?

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