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Apple would present an iPad Pro with M2 chip

Image of the new IPad Pro. (photo: Apple)

If the recent reports are true, Manzana will not hold its “regular” October event. However, this does not mean that they do not introduce any products.


Mark Gurman, a reporter for Bloomberg and one of the most trusted sources on future Bitten Apple products, says the company plans to announce a new generation of iPadPro in a few days. The aforementioned journalist also advanced the news that can be expected from the device.

What would the iPad Pro M2 look like?


The next iPad Pro, again available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch models, will include a M2 chip. In other words, the same one that is currently in the MacBook Air and the basic model macbook pro.

Thanks to the aforementioned component, the new tablets from Apple for professionals is 20% faster than its predecessor, the M1. This may not be a huge jump, but consider that the performance of the 2021 iPad Pro was already very good based on user reviews.


Design-wise, Gurman doesn’t expect any big changes. The flat body is kept, a very characteristic feature of Apple’s latest industrial design language. In fact, it is already extended to most devices. So don’t expect the company to jump into a new offering anytime soon.

As for his softwareseems to be running iPad OS 16, It has suffered some setbacks. However, Gurman says that the operating system It will be available the week of October 24.

iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch models. (photo: Apple)
iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch models. (photo: Apple)

In addition to the iPad Pro come all these products

In addition to the iPad Pro with the M2 chip, Gurman mentions that Apple is also working on other tablet models. The most interesting is the basic model with USB-C port. It is worth remembering that Apple and all other manufacturers must adapt to the standard due to the mandatory single charger of the European Union from 2024, in the case of the old continent.

Although the iPad Pro, iPad Air Y ipad mini have long adopted the USB-C standard, the input device has not. even. Bloomberg mentions that this will be the biggest renewal of this model in recent years.

iPadAir. (photo: Apple)
iPadAir. (photo: Apple)

Those led by Tim Cook they would also develop an entirely new version of the iPad. The idea would be to introduce a smart hub equipped with speaker and screen, similar to the style of the recently introduced Google Pixel Tabletwhose launch is scheduled for 2023. In the same sector is the Echo Show 10, from amazon.

the line of the laptops does not lag behind. New ones first macbook pro 14 and 16 inches with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. The macmini It will also make the jump to new processors, although Gurman specifies that none of those announcements will probably be seen this year.

HomePod and HomePodmini. (photo: iOSMac)
HomePod and HomePod mini. (photo: iOSMac)

Finally, the source confirms that Apple is preparing a new AppleTV with an A14 chip and 4 GB of RAM. The HomePod, on the other hand, would finally get the hardware upgrade that so many people have been waiting for. But beware, because it is not a simple speaker. It would integrate the Apple TV and a camera to make calls through face time.

and the glasses mixed reality? While Bloomberg doesn’t go into detail about them in this report, they do say they will be introduced sometime in 2023.

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