Apple won’t repair iPhones that are marked as stolen or lost

Apple won't repair iPhones that are marked as stolen or lost

According to Macromors, official technical service Manzana and authorized centers will no longer repair iPhone damaged items that have been reported lost or stolen.

The portal had access to an internal note that the Cupertino company sent to the AppleStore and authorized sellers. In the note, the company warns technical support specialists that if the internal repair system indicates that the device has been marked as lost, they will not be able to accept the repair.

This is how Apple will detect when an iPhone is marked as stolen or lost

Until now, Apple refused to repair devices iPhone disabled via application ‘Look for’. This app, it should be remembered, allows you to limit access to the device in case of loss or theft. It also displays a message on the screen confirming that the terminal is no longer in the hands of the owner.

However, many users do not take this security measure. Therefore, it is difficult for support and repair centers find out if an iPhone really belongs to the person who brought it in for repair or if it is a telephone lost or stolen.

Now, and by the aforementioned means, Apple will use GSMA device registration. This is a global database that allows customers to mark their devices as lost or stolen.

The company appears to have implemented a api which enables verify the information of smartphone via IMEI in its two internal repair tools: MobileGenius or GSX.

Thus, the employee will be able to see an alert (in case the iPhone is marked as lost or stolen) when you have entered the terminal data in any of the systems, and you can refuse to repair it.

No news yet on self-service repairs for iPhones

In the meantime, Apple continues to not offer self-service repair updates. This program, announced in November 2021, will allow the most premium individual customers to repair a iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 at home.

Specifically, the Cupertino company will provide technical information and more than 200 spare parts and original tools that users can purchase through a specific website.

Apple confirmed that the self-service self-repair will be available in early 2022 in the United States. He also explained that they will go to other markets later. Provide, first, fix these commonly damaged components; among them, batteries, cameras or screens, and then other iPhone modules. However, heThe company has not confirmed the launch date.

Apple also plans to launch a subscription service to buy an iPhone

Apple is working on a subscription service to make it easier to purchase iPhones and other products. This was anticipated by Bloomberg. It is an option that would imply the payment of a monthly fee to buy the company’s mobile as well as other devices.

The project is currently in the development phase., but that’s a very promising idea that could soon come to fruition. Adopting hardware subscriptions would be a major strategy change for the company, which aims to continue growing in the market.

The idea is to offer the purchase of an iPhone or iPad along with access to services such as data storage iCloud or a subscription to AppleMusic. The company plans to let customers sign up for hardware with the same Apple ID and App Store account they already use to buy apps and sign up for services.

It differs from an installment purchase program in that the monthly fee would not be the price of the device divided into 12 or 24 months. Rather, it would be a monthly sum, yet to be determined, that will depend on the equipment the user chooses.

Subscriptions are likely to be managed through your Apple account, on devices, through the App Store, and on the company’s website. It could also be an option that the user could access at the time of paying for their purchases, either in the online or physical store.