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Apple will remove the following apps from the App Store

Manzana announced that it will remove from its official store, the App Store, those Applications that do not work as they should or are outdated.


In this way, the technology manufacturer seeks to make it easier for customers to search for apps that are updated in the store so that they can adequately meet their needs.

We are implementing an ongoing app evaluation process, which allows us to remove apps that no longer work as expected, do not meet current guidelines, or are out of date,” the company said in a statement.


As explained by the computer giantfrom now on all categories of app store to ensure they work as expectedfollow current review guidelines, and submit their latest version.

In case you find any problem in these services, the company will contact the developers to make the necessary changes to stay in the software store.


They will have a period of 30 days to send a new version of the platform, so if these changes have not been implemented in this period of time, it will be removed from the App Store until a new update is sent and approved by the App Store. Manzana.

On the contrary, the applications that present problems in the beginning and to start using them, will be blocked and will be removed immediately from the brand’s app store.

The manufacturer clarified that the fact that the applications are removed from the virtual store does not mean that they will disappear from the developer accounts, since the name of these services will continue to be associated with them.


Besides, in the event that these applications are finally removed, they will no longer be available to new users, but will continue to work for those who had them previously installed.

Finally, Apple recommended that all developers review their store guides and guidelines to keep their creations up to date.

macOS server is discontinued

Besides, the company reported that it has discontinued macOS Server, the server that allows you to configure and manage branded computers and devices iOS from from the Mac computer. This decision comes 23 years after its launch.

This news was reported through the Apple support website, where it was noted that macOS Server customers will be able to continue downloading and using this application in version 5.12.2 for macOS Monterey.

Throughout its latest versions, such as 5.4 and 5.7.1, the company limited and removed some of its functions, such as FTP, DHCP, DNS, the Calendar tool, Radio, Messages or NetBoot/NetInstall.

Following this phase-out, the organization decided to discontinue macOs Server, one of its longest-standing features, which was released in 1999 and whose services have completed their migration to macOS.

This is because the most popular features of macOS, such as Caching Server, File Sharing Server or Time Machine Server have been integrated into the operating system of your computers since the macOS High Sierra version.

MagSafe power upgraded to speed up iPhone charging times

In recent days, the company also announced an improvement to its Magsafe Battery Pack, the wireless charging system that integrates its external battery, with the aim of speeding up iPhone charging times by increasing its power.

As indicated, the latest firmware update 2.7 promises to offer 7.5W charging, instead of the 5W it previously offered.

The update of this software allows users of Apple products to charge their devices more quickly and in less time than estimated with the 5W charging power.

The MagSafe firmware boots automatically after you connect the power bank to the iPhone, and it may take about seven days to update.

On the other hand, to update using a Mac or an iPad, users will need to connect the portable charging device via the Lightning USB cable and it will take 5 minutes to complete.

The manufacturer recalled that iPhones will maintain the possibility of reaching 15W of power in the event that they have MagSafe connected to a 20W or higher power supply.

Apple launched its first power bank with the MagSafe wireless charging system for its iPhone 12 wireless charging family of phones (Standard, Mini, Pro, and Pro Max) in July last year.


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