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Apple will only use its own 5G iPhone modems from 2023

Apple iPhone 5G Chips
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Apple would manage to get rid of Qualcomm and produce its own f from 2023.

A few months ago, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple would use its in-house 5G modems from 2023 on its iPhones. The information which seems to be confirmed by another reliable source, the publication Digitimes, evokes such a movement on the side of the Cupertino company.

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A modem not integrated into the SoC

The report says Apple will most likely enlist the help of foundry TSMC to design and produce its 5G modems. All iPhones coming out in September 2023 (the iPhone 15 series, therefore) should be equipped with these 5G iPhone modems.

We also learn that the 5G modem will not be integrated directly into the next generations of Apple SoCs, it will be an external component. A choice that may seem surprising because such a design implies more space occupied, and above all, the modems integrated into an SoC are in principle more efficient and less energy-consuming. Perhaps the apple brand is thinking of finding solutions in this regard.

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What about Qualcomm?

Digitimes also claims that Apple will cut ties with Qualcomm, its current supplier, from this point on. This contradicts what Qualcomm announces in its latest financial forecast report until 2024.

In this document, the American company admits that its partnership with Apple will wane, but that it should still provide the manufacturer with around 20% of the modems that will be embedded in the iPhones of 2023. In addition, Apple and Qualcomm are in contract until 2024.


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If Apple has long been the engine of Qualcomm’s growth, Cristiano Amon’s company is learning to live without its goose that lays the golden eggs and intends to diversify. In addition to Android smartphones and PCs, cars and connected objects are target markets.

Sources: Digitimes
, Wccftech

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