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Apple will no longer deactivate Face ID in the event of a third-party repair

Apple Face ID

No more puzzles when repairing your screen iPhone. After several weeks of intransigence, Apple is backing down and will no longer block Face ID in the event of unauthorized repair.

It was a “novelty” to the iPhone 13 that made third-party repairers cringe. Apple had implanted a chip in the Face ID module to detect an unauthorized repair of the screen. The consequence? Outright blocking of Face ID forced the user to use their unlock code. The official repair procedure requires a dedicated tool connected to Apple’s database, which makes the operation time-consuming and extremely complex for any repairer not approved by the brand.

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Apple changes its mind and releases Face ID

These challenges have proven to be insurmountable for independent repairers, whose revenue depends primarily on iPhone screen repairs. Faced with the growing controversy, Apple has decided to review its copy. The Apple brand announced to our colleagues of Tea Rod that an update to correct the problem was on its way to iOS. It will no longer be necessary to transfer the chip restricting the operation of Face ID, thereby giving back the possibility to third-party repairers to exercise their profession in peace.

The news was greeted with great relief by those involved in the sector, who were deprived of a large part of their income because of this measure. This is great news for them, as well as for consumers.

Repair shops that don’t have access to Apple’s coupling tools can remove the microcontroller from the original screen and add it to a new screen, but this is a delicate process that requires the use of soldering and a microscope.

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A software update that Apple plans to implement removes the restriction that the microcontroller must be transferred to a new screen when it’s repaired, and a separate store can repair the screen without affecting Face ID functionality. Allows you to go back.

It’s not yet known when Apple will add a software update to simplify iPhone‌ display repairs from an independent vendor, but iOS 15.2 is currently in beta testing and this feature may be introduced in that update.

Source: The Verge

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