Apple will manufacture the iPhone SE 2022 with “green” aluminum

Of course, this is not a goal that will be easily achieved. But in any case, Apple shows that it is making progress in this project. This week, the group announces that it will use, for the first time, “green” aluminum to manufacture a product: the iPhone SE 2022.


The firm has been using recycled aluminum for years. And now, it will also be able to use green aluminum or, more precisely, aluminum without direct carbon emissions.

It is the company ELYSIS which developed the fusion process which makes it possible to obtain aluminum without direct carbon emission, and sufficiently pure for commercial use. Instead of releasing greenhouse gases, fusion releases oxygen. The material was also produced using hydroelectricity.

Apple will start using green aluminum on the iPhone SE


Apple has announced that it will purchase the first batch of low-carbon commercial aluminum from ELYSIS for use in iPhone SE production.

“At Apple, we are committed to leaving the planet better than we found it, and our Green Bonds are an invaluable tool in advancing our efforts in this regard,” said Lisa Jackson, vice president , Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives at Apple. “Our investments are advancing the cutting-edge technologies we need to reduce the carbon footprint of the materials we use, even as we aspire to use only recyclable and renewable materials in order to preserve the limited resources of the world. planet. »


As a reminder, Apple has issued green bonds, 4.7 billion dollars in total, in order to finance innovative projects that allow it to achieve its carbon neutrality objectives. And for the firm, the projects funded show the effectiveness of these investments in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and powering communities with clean energy.

The low-carbon fusion technology is among 50 projects funded by Apple through the bonds issued in 2019. And according to the company, these projects reduce or offset a total of 2,883,000 metric tons of CO², and have made it possible to create infrastructures with a total capacity of 700 megawatts.

In its press release, Apple also indicates that 175 suppliers have already committed to producing the firm’s components using 100% renewable energy.

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