Apple Watch: watchOS 8.3 update would render some third-party chargers inoperative

A few days ago, you might have updated your Apple Watch to the latest version 8.3 of watchOS.

And since then, you may have had to charge problems …

Third-party chargers struggling with watchOS 8.3?

About two weeks ago, Apple rolled out version 8.3 of watchOS, the software that powers the Apple Watch. An update that obviously brings its share of optimizations, but which is also distinguished by a concern related to the recharging of the knockout signed Apple.


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Indeed, many users have reported charging concerns since the update to watchOS 8.3. Concretely, the watch recharges for a few seconds, then the process is interrupted for no apparent reason.

The concern affects some holders of the new Apple Watch Series 7 who use a third-party charger. Users explain in particular that their 3-in-1 charger from Amazon worked perfectly before the update, before becoming unusable once the watch went under watchOS 8.3.

Note that other chargers do not seem to show signs of weakness. The concern seems to focus on the latest Apple watches, even if the older generations are not immune.

At present, it is difficult to understand the connection between watchOS 8.3 and this sudden incompatibility of the Apple Watch with certain third-party chargers. You will therefore have to wait until the next system update to see the problem rectified (or not).

The update also adds support for App Privacy Report, a feature that keeps track of when applications access sensitive data and sensors that are forbidden by privacy settings, such as location data, and addresses a bug that might cause alerts to stop Mindfulness sessions abruptly. WatchOS 8.3 brings AssistiveTouch to the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5, despite not being mentioned in the release notes.

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Source: Softpedia

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