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Apple Watch Ultra: there is a blue model, but even more expensive

A creator has just unveiled a modified version of the Apple Watch Ultra, now with a blue anodized case and a gold bracelet. Normally, this watch is produced in only one other color by its manufacturer: the gray of the original titanium. We still don’t know if Cupertino will one day offer an edition with another shade, but it wouldn’t be surprising given that the brand seems to be preparing a second generation for its most high-end wearable of the moment.

But in the meantime, the most impatient can therefore opt for the blue Apple Watch Ultra offered by the jeweler De Billas Lux, sold at the staggering price of… 1,499 dollars. And again: this is a reduction, corresponding to approximately 1,379 euros at the current exchange rate, against 2,300 dollars for the price displayed at the base (i.e. more than 2,100 euros all the same).

Functional and without a key difference

The blue Apple Watch Ultra from De Billas Lux is therefore around 400 euros more expensive than the model available in the Apple Store, sold for its part at the single price of 999 euros. A sum certainly substantial, but which can be explained by premium technical characteristics with in particular a slab larger than that of the Apple Watch Series 8 but also a resistance to water up to a hundred meters deep. For comparison, a Series 8 is limited to half as much.

Fully functional, the blue Apple Watch Ultra from De Billas Lux still includes the temperature sensor, the heart rate sensor, and the blood oximeter of the original device. All are powered by Apple’s proprietary watchOS 9 operating system, which should however very soon have a successor at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference. This will take place in June; the dates have already been communicated to the press and the general public.

Other luxury products from the same seller

An anodized blue Apple Watch Ultra with a golden bracelet is not enough for you? Know that at De Billas Lux, we have some in stock. The company indeed offers other headed products modified to please well-stocked wallets, with for example a gold-plated iPhone 11 Pro Max (twenty-four carats) sold for the tidy sum of nearly two thousand euros.

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