Apple Watch Ultra clone from Pebble

There is a company in India called Pebble, which also manufactures watches, like Pebble, which operates with e-ink display watches. But the Indian version did not have much uniqueness, especially if it is the latest one Cosmos Engage we are looking at their tool called The companion sold for HUF 18,300 in the pictures looks almost like the Apple Watch Ultra (perhaps because the images of the latter were used as a basis) and provides similar promises to prospective buyers: perfection in design, discovery of the undiscovered, overachievement in sports .


Presumably, the customer of this phone may run into a situation similar to the case of the Huawei phone, because a significant part of the images show Apple product photos, only with some random firmware instead of watchOS. In any case, according to the hardware description, IP67 water and dust resistance, 5-day operating time, heart rate and blood oxygen level monitoring, AI voice assistant, Bluetooth calling, wireless charging and a 1.95-inch IPS display with 600 nit brightness are given. (385 x 320 pixels) with always-on function. In addition, it can cooperate not only with iOS, but also with Android via the Bluetooth 5.0 connection!

It is said to even have a multisport mode.
It is said to even have a multisport mode. [+]

Regardless, we warn everyone against buying it!

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