Apple Watch Series 7: New Smartwatch with a larger display

the Apple Watch Series 7 is here – and comes with a number of improvements that not only bring innovations in terms of design. At the same time, she belies the rumor mill. But first, step by step.

  • Apple Watch Series 7 comes with a 20% larger display compared to the Apple Watch Series 6
  • The bezels are around 40% smaller than the Apple Watch Series 6
  • IP6X certified and therefore also dust-resistant
  • 33% faster than Series 6
  • 18 hours of battery life
  • Apple Watch Series 7 has fast charged on board
  • The bracelets of the predecessors are all compatible with Series 7
  • Available in a few weeks from $ 399 (we will update prices for Germany as soon as we have them)


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iWatch Keynote 33
Apple uses 100% recycled material for its devices – including the Apple Watch Series 7 / © Apple / Screenshots: NextPit

You can already see from the summary: A lot has happened with the Apple Watch Series 7. The most important thing at the beginning: The rumor mill had rumored a completely new design. And she was wrong. Rather, the design is based on that of the predecessor. However, the Apple Watch Series 7 has a significantly larger display with smaller bezels. In total, there is 20 percent more space on the Apple watch screen compared to the previous model.

Speaking of the display: This is not only larger but should also be significantly brighter. Apple states that the display should be up to 70% brighter, which should help especially with unfavorable viewing angles. To make all of this possible, Apple completely redesigned the arrangement of the buttons.

iWatch Keynote 38
The Apple Watch Series 7 brings a lot of innovations. / © Apple / Screenshots: NextPit

Apple Watch Series 7 gets better dust protection and new watch faces

For those who love to get out in the desert or on the beach, there is good news. The Apple Watch Series 7 is the first Apple Watch with an IP6X certification. Even small sand and dust particles cannot penetrate the watch and cause damage there. The watch is of course still waterproof.

Apple has given the Apple Watch Series 7 some graphical innovations, making better use of the larger display. For example, around 50% more text can be displayed for news, there are new sports overviews with more information, and a number of new, cool watch faces.


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Finally: Faster battery charging

One feature that many should look forward to is a kind of fast charging. The Apple Watch Series 7 can be charged up to 33% compared to the Series 6. In its presentation, Apple specifies the battery life as 18 hours.

The Apple Watch Series 7 will be available this fall. Apple prices for the Apple Watch Series 3 start at 199 US dollars and for the Apple Watch Series 7 from 399 US dollars. Experience has shown that we always add a lot to the top. As soon as we have the prices for Germany, we will update this article.

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