Apple Watch Pro: the two main changes of the next generation, screen and materials

Apple Watch Pro: the two main changes of the next generation, screen and materials
Illustration of the Apple Watch Pro. (photo: GaGadget)

Almost nothing is missing for the launch event of the iPhone 14. And with the iPhone, you will most likely see models Apple Watch Series 8. There are very few rumors about what the new Apple Watch will bring, and beyond the periodic report of unconfirmed “flat edges”, little news is known.

The strongest rumour, however, is that the Apple Watch Pro will arrive, whether that’s the name or not. The idea is to present a watch that is more focused on extreme sports or at least have more durability and performance. Unlike the standard model, it will maintain the same features as the current model.

In this sense, this “Apple Watch Pro” will have a largest case size 47mm, according to a report by the Japanese site Mac Otakara. For comparison, the Apple Watch Series 7 It comes in 41mm and 45mm case sizes. An increase in size has made a leap from the previous model’s 44mm.

The Apple Watch Pro would have a flat screen and resistant materials

It is not known what additional features the Watch Pro will have, but everything indicates that this Apple Watch will focus more on not increasing functionality but on improve the materials used in construction. More durability for the screen or case, with new straps and, who knows if the battery increases compared to the current ones Smart Watches of Manzana.

The same Oatakara report indicates that it will have a totally flat screen (as rumored before Series 7), at least exclusively. The idea is that the rest of the non-Pro models, that is, the standard models, retain the slightly curved edges around the screen. The flat design could improve the durability of the Apple Watch Pro, At least against hits.

Apple Watch.  (photo: Managermac)
Apple Watch. (photo: Managermac)

Also, this is consistent with previous reporting by Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, who indicated that this would be a “tough” model designed for high-impact activities such as walks, extreme and long sports.

Other expected features for Apple Watch Pro include titanium case, longer battery life, extended low power mode, more powerful S8 chip. Of course, with the increase in the price of wristwatches.

Guide to install the watchOS 9 beta

To use watchOS 9 is need to have an iPhone with iOS 16. TechMarkup has already made a note explaining how to install the iOS 16 beta and which iPhones will be able to access it.

Now that you have reviewed how to have an iPhone with iOS 16 installed, you can now take the next step: install watchOS 9 on an Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 5. (photo: iPhone News)
Apple Watch Series 5. (photo: iPhone News)

Now yes, step by step:

1. Login to this link.

2. Go to Discover > watchOS > Download. If you haven’t signed in with an Apple ID, then you have to.

3. Click Install Profilealong with watchOS 9 Beta.

4. After the iPhone restarts, open the app Apple Watch. If possible, it is better to use Wifi instead of mobile data.

5. In the Apple Watch tab go to General > Software update.

6. Tap on Download and installenter the respective password and accept the usual terms and conditions.

7. Otherwise, the iPhone will update the Apple Watch. Once this is done, you will see a notification on the device.