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Apple Watch 8 rumor: New sensors are a long time coming

The Apple Watch Series 8 is likely to be a bit long in coming, and yet there are already the first rumors about the new Smartwatch from Cupertino. Mark Gurman now reports in his latest newsletter that the new sensors for measuring blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and body temperature are likely to be in development for a few more years.

  • Mark Gurman claims that the new sensors will have to be developed for a few more years.
  • He doesn’t expect new technologies in the Apple Watch until the second half of the decade.
  • Analysts assume three possible models for 2022.


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The Apple Watch Series 7 did not appear until October 2021 and the first rumors about the Apple Watch Series 8 are already emerging. The well-known leaker Mark Gurman claims, according to 9to5Mac, that not much should change with the upcoming update of the smartwatch. Rather bad news for Apple fans, because after all, the Apple Watch 7 brought few innovations compared to its predecessor.

So far, the Apple Watch 8 has been the hope for two new sensors – one for measuring blood sugar and one for measuring blood pressure. A feature that Samsung already offers in its Galaxy Watch 4. According to current rumors, these will not come to Apple users until the second half of the decade. As so often, however, Gurman does not give a comprehensible source for his information. His statements are based on the roadmap that Apple works with internally. The leaker writes exactly:

Don’t expect any of these soon, though. Body temperature was on this year’s roadmap, but chatter about it has slowed down recently. Blood pressure is at least two to three years away, while I wouldn’t be surprised if glucose monitoring doesn’t land until later in the second half of the decade – Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

While the functionality of the Apple Smartwatches is unlikely to change much, there are good innovations for the lineup itself. We may see a completely new Apple Watch model.

Three new models for 2022?

Speaking of Apple leakers, Ming-Chi Kuo should of course not be missing. In November 2021, he claimed that Apple will appear to be launching three different models. Including a more robust outdoor version, an SE version, and the basic model of the Apple Watch.

The rumor mill about the Apple Watch Series 8 is still simmering comfortably, but there should be more information about possible upgrades of the Smartwatch in the next few months. We will summarize all rumors and information for you in the coming months on our rumor overview for Series 8. So if you’re interested in the latest smartwatch from Apple, it’s best to stop by here regularly!

What do you think of Gurman’s statement? Do you think that the Apple Watch Series 8 will bring real upgrades or do we have to be patient? Let us know in the comments!


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What do you think about Apple Watch 8 rumor ? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: 9to5mac

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