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Apple virtual reality glasses could be launched in June 2023

Apple’s virtual reality glasses could be launched in June 2023. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo

One of the products which is in the final stages of its development in Manzana and that it would be close to being officially launched on the market would be some virtual reality glasses and augmented reality that were in the company’s plans since last year as part of a process to introduce this technology to the ecosystem of devices of the company.

After several years of work, because it began to develop in this technology since the year 2015and a delay in its presentation because it was desired that the product be ready for the first months of the 2023the Cupertino company would finally introduce a completely new product to the market since the presentation of the apple watch in 2015.

The official presentation of this device, whose name is not yet known, would take place during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference as is usual in the company when it comes to publicly presenting new devicesas reported by Mark Gurman, a specialist in issues related to the company.

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Some functions of Apple glasses

With the release of a product brand new like glasses mixed reality of Manzanathe company has developed a series of features that will be included in the first version of the device or in later editions of the same.

One of them and by which any user could have access to the augmented realityas well as to the virtual realitywould be the inclusion of a crown similar to that present in the apple watch and with which anyone can change the view mode automatically just by turning this dial

Regarding the functions of the software of the device, this would have the particularity of incorporating interior and exterior cameras that collect information about the eyes of the users and the gestures that they do by hand. Thus, the users of these glasses will not have to buy additional controls or accessories as other similar products require.

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With the incorporation of this form of interaction with the content of augmented reality and virtual reality, users will be able to use their eyes, as well as their index finger and thumb to develop the tasks you want, such as zooming in on an image, pressing a menu button, or setting the characteristics of one meeting virtual with other users.

On the other hand, one of the most outstanding characteristics of the glasses of Manzana would be the possibility that anyone can generate their own Applications using the mixed reality as a basis, even if the users they have no knowledge of programming.

This function would be possible thanks to the incorporation of the virtual assistant siri to the OS of the glasses and that he would be destined to write programming code to generate new platforms for this new product of the company.

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In addition, so that people can see themselves represented in the virtual world present in the mixed reality glasses, Manzana has also incorporated into this device an additional function of creating virtual avatars that will be used when joining virtual meetingsalthough the maximum number of people this version will support has not been specified.

If it has been established that once the number of people exceeds that limit, the platform will go from full-body avatars to a split screen with profiles as “memoji” personalized as chat icons.

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