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Apple: USB-C on products other than the iPhone?

Apple: USB-C

While almost all of its competitors have already adopted USB-C, Apple continues to use its proprietary Lightning port on the iPhone. And of course, if it were up to the Cupertino company, it would continue to use this proprietary port.

But Apple may soon be forced to sell iPhones with USB-C ports, at least in Europe. Indeed, the EU is preparing legislation that will force all brands to use the same port: USB-C.

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Apple, soon forced to use USB-C for the iPhone

And although the firm remains opposed to this European project, currently, it is already testing iPhones with a USB-C port instead of its Lightning. This is revealed by an article recently published by our colleagues at Bloomberg.

According to media sources, it is indeed the draft legislation in the European Union that would push Apple to do these tests. In addition, the company would also develop an adapter that will allow future iPhones to work with older accessories that were designed for the Lightning connector.

However, the iPhone should not be expected to switch to USB-C this year. Indeed, if this change were to take place, it would rather be done on the 2023 models.

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In any case, abandoning the Lightning would result in lost revenue for Apple. Indeed, this technology being proprietary, accessory manufacturers pay royalties to the Cupertino company to market gadgets that work with the iPhone.

Other Apple products would also be affected

The switch to USB-C would not only concern the iPhone. Indeed, according to another source, analyst Ming Chi Kuo, other products, such as AirPods, Magic Keyboard, etc. would also give up the Lightning.

In a recent publication, he also corroborates Bloomberg’s forecasts, explaining that iPhones in the second half of 2023 should have a USB-C port instead of Lightning. He also explains that this switch to USB-C should allow Apple customers to have faster data transfers and charging speeds, but that everything will still depend on the support of the technology by Apple.

iPhone without ports would be unlikely, says analyst Ming Chi Kuo

In any case, Kuo rules out the possibility that Apple will release, in the short term, iPhones without ports. As a reminder, rumors had suggested that the Cupertino company could release products that charge exclusively via wireless technologies, instead of adopting USB-C.

“The portless iPhone may cause more problems due to current limitations in wireless technologies and the immature MagSafe ecosystem”comments Kuo.

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Also remember that some of the firm’s products have already switched from Lightning to USB-C. The iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini already use this universal connector instead of the Cupertino company’s proprietary technology.

Someone has already modified an iPhone to replace the Lightning with a USB-C

In any case, technically, Apple should have no difficulty replacing Lightning with USB-C on its future iPhones. Previously, a student caused a stir by modifying an iPhone X to replace Apple’s proprietary port with a USB-C. And it was functional, both for charging and for transferring data.

For fun (to show that it’s also possible), the same person then modified a Samsung smartphone to replace USB-C with a Lightning port.

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