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Apple TV has restricted renting or buying content from Google TV and Android TV

Manzana has decided to block the option to buy or rent content through the app AppleTV on devices that they use google tv or AndroidTV. And while no official explanation has been given about the reason for this measure, it will be related to an old dispute over the payment of commissions for transactions made within the application.

According to the available information, identification involves a large number of devices. From smart tvs and media players (What NVIDIA Shield), until the release of chrome cast in 2020 along with Google TV, among others. Going forward, users will no longer be able to access new content from the Apple TV app, although they will be able to view previously purchased content in their library.

As Android Authority and AppleInsider explain, when accessing the Cupertino service app with an Android TV device, the ‘Buy’ button is no longer displayed when selecting a film or Serie. Now only the option ‘How to look’, that lets the audience know what they should wear: if a iPhonea iPad or other streaming device.

It’s important to put attention on blocking purchases or rentals in the Apple TV app does not affect Apple TV content. However, The Verge notes that you can no longer create a new subscription to the streaming service from an Android TV or Google TV device. To do this, the application requires doing it through the web.

The payment of commissions would be the main reason for blocking Apple TV to Android TV

Until now, neither Apple nor Google have made public statements in this regard. However, the blocking of Apple TV on Android TV could be another chapter in the old dispute over commissions for in-app purchases.

Apparently, the people of Cupertino made the decision to not have to pay Google a percentage of each transaction made from a device with your software. Remember that the people of mountain view maintains a 30% stake in every new purchase, rental, or subscription created through its platform. However, it is not clear if Apple will have to pay this amount or if it is a small commission.

It is also important to note that the Apple TV app continues to work without restrictions on non-Android devices. Such is the case with consoles. PlayStation and Xboxsmart TVs Samsung and LG and devices rokuto name a few.

It is important to emphasize that this is not the first time that Apple has made such a determination. ecosystem devices. FireTV from amazon have experienced the same issue as Android TV and Google TV; that is to say, the Apple TV app does not allow you to buy or rent content either, which will surely also imply the payment of commissions.

It is striking how little time Apple TV has on Google platforms

It’s been less than a year since Apple TV appeared en masse on Android TV and Google TV devices. Although some computers began to receive support for the Apple service in late 2020, it was not until early June that the official release was announced.

We will have to see how Google reacts to the decision of the company directed by Tim Cook. And from the user’s point of view, beyond the bad news due to the loss of part of the functionality of the service, they can at least feel calm about being able to continue accessing the Apple TV catalog without restrictions.


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