Apple: the MagSafe charger should have arrived in many colors


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Apple: the MagSafe charger should have arrived in many colors

Apple he made magazines MagSafe for iPhone in different colors, only these have never seen the light of day. In fact, we only have the silver/white version which costs €49.00 but which you can find on Amazon at the special price of only €39.90VAT included.

We always know that apple products are all aesthetically impeccable, elegant, sparkling, colorful, minimal and more. For Apple, design is just as important as performance. There have been many professionals who have lent their ingenuity to the Cupertino company to create iconic and unique gadgets. Let’s think of Jony Ive, for example, or many others. There are many devices that we have known and loved, but many others have never seen the light of day. An example? Apple’s MagSafe chargers in multiple colors.

Why did Apple abandon the development of colored MagSafe chargers?

We all know that developing a new product is always a complicated thing that requires time and complex operations as well as flawless preparation. Companies invest billions of dollars each year in research and development, even though many gadgets often remain just beautiful prototypes. An example? The colored MagSafe chargers have never arrived on the market even though the Cupertino OEM had thought of different ones: let’s mention the Starlight one, the Green one, the Pink, the Purple, the Yellow, the Blue one and the Product (RED).

Apple MagSafe charger

Apple MagSafe charger

Let’s take stock of the situation: Kosutami is a great collector of Apple products; he managed to get his hands on a brand new Apple MagSafe charger in Starlight coloring (although he reminds us of the Rose Gold of the iPhone SE). After posting the photo on social media, he wrote:

“Recently I came across some prototypes and new information. It appears that MagSafe chargers came in various colors, just like their MagSafe MacBook charging cables, but in a more saturated hue. I even tried it with the new Magic Charger.

The reasons for the decision to abandon the colored MagSafe chargers are not known; probably the company must have thought that the colors did not fit the design of the device. Nonetheless, he may have changed his mind due to production costs. To this day it is a mystery.

Source: 9to5Mac