Apple sets a release date for ‘Argylle’, the thriller that wants to “reinvent” the spy movie

“When I read a first handwritten draft I felt it was the most incredible and original spy franchise since Ian Fleming’s books from the 1950s. It’s going to reinvent the spy genre”assured the director a couple of years ago matthew vaughn about argyllea novel still pending publication by the first-time writer Ellie Conwayand in a story that focused on the adventures to save the world, or thwart the most megalomaniac plans of sinister villains, by the best spy agents in the world.

And so the filmmaker left us, already with extensive experience in the genre thanks to the saga Kingsman, waiting for more information. What comes to us at the moment is that this ambitious Apple production that has cost 200 million dollars It already has a release date and in theaterswith the company allied with Universal for distribution. It will be on February 2, 2024and then, sooner or later, it will logically also be available in the Apple TV + catalog.

As big stars we will have a Henry Cavill who, after having been the Superman of the movies of zack snyder or the tireless monster hunter Geralt de Rivia in the series The Witcherit passes back to the action next to Bryce Dallas Howardleaving behind the saga jurassicworld. The two as superspies on missions that would take them to travel to the most exotic corners of the planet.

A writer as “mysterious” as her protagonist

As for Argylle’s identity, the first information indicated that it would be the character of Dallas Howard, an American writer of best sellers who suffers from amnesia, unaware of his true identity. And the most recent, like the one published by Variety or the same brief synopsis in the Apple file, They collect that the protagonist would actually be Henry Cavill.

And as for the novel by the writer Elly Conway (instead of “Ellie” Conway, according to the Amazon tab), it will not appear published until November. So there is some mystery in all thiswhether in terms of the plot or the author of the novel, taking into account that even Variety dared to publish an article, in September 2022, insinuating that the same name of the newcomer writer, is Elly or Ellie Conway, could be fictional.

What we do know for sure is that the stellar cast assembled for the occasion will also include sam rockwell, bryan cranston, Catherine O’Hara, John Cenapop singer and model Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose and Samuel L Jackson; and if things work out, the intention is to start, let’s say, with a trilogy.

Then, if the viewers want more, we could already talk about a saga or even of an Argylle “universe”, with more sequels, prequels and spin-off characters. The dream of every franchise today.

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