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Apple Music on Windows and Linux, so you can access it

Currently, AppleMusic is one of the biggest competitors Spotifybeing an ideal option for those who want to enjoy all their music. However, it is undeniable that the platform is designed to be enjoyed in its own ecosystem.


Although it has been extended to some smart devices or even to consoles like the Playstation 5beyond Android There is no official application to use this service outside of its operating systems.

Perhaps iTunes be the only official alternative in Windows, but despite this, it is far behind as it is not as optimized as it should be. The quintessential alternative has always been its web player, but Cider is the best Apple Music client and is compatible with the vast majority of operating systems.


An application to use Apple Music on Windows or Linux

Cider is an ideal alternative for all the people who are looking for an Apple Music client that is compatible with more than one operating system. Currently, it is under development, but it is already possible to get it for free from the Microsoft Store either winstall for Windows.


On the other hand, users of Linux you can get it for free from flat hub and those of macOS who want to try a client other than the official one can download it from GitHub.

The client in question is quite light and works very well on the vast majority of operating systems, despite the fact that its final version is not yet available. It has a user-friendly interface, that can also be customized from the configuration, and that by default is very reminiscent of the music application of the Mac.

So you can use Cider


The first time you access, you must login with id Manzana and authorize the use of Cider. Then, the user will be able to use any of the functions of Apple Music as normal, being possible access any of the playlists already created, search for your favorite music or even access the apple radios and recommendations.

In addition to its interface and the improvements in terms of performance that it entails with respect to iTunes and the web player, perhaps the most notable thing about Cider is the integrations you have with other services. For example, instead of Apple’s own lyrics for music, people will be able to include those of Musixmatch or those of Youtube music comfortable without any problem.

It also offers the possibility of sync up with or even with Discord. In fact, since it’s completely free, developers can create plugins and extensions for Cider and launch them through its repositories, being possible to install everything you want to complement it.

In addition, it has the remote control function that the official platform lacks: you can send content instantly to a smartphone if you want to continue playback from it.

Perhaps the only problem with this free client has to do with the Apple limitations regarding the official application. You will not be able to listen to the music in high quality without lossbut the maximum it allows is 256 kbps (enough in most cases). You won’t be able to download either. a library for offline listening.

This is basically because Apple severely limits the use of clients for its streaming music platform in order to prevent piracy and illegal uses of its services. Therefore, Apple is expected not to restrict access to the API for content playback, although not everything is so secure.

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