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Apple Music Classical launches globally

Apple Music Classical, a streaming service focused entirely on classical music, is now officially available for download worldwide. An extension of Apple Music, the app was designed to facilitate access to orchestras, conductors, musicians, and other related topics.  

  • The new service has a catalog that includes more than five million tracks and thousands of exclusive albums; 
  • The numbers are expected to increase with future releases; 
  • According to Apple’s statement, the application also provides “complete and accurate metadata” to improve the platform’s search and suggestion algorithm. 

Originally, Apple Music Classical was scheduled to launch at the end of 2022, but big tech has postponed it, announcing an official launch date earlier this month: March 28. The app is available on iPhones running iOS 15.4 or later — an Android version is expected to be released “soon”. 

Check out the application presentation video below! 

More details about Apple Music Classical 

  • In August 2021, the company bought the streaming service ‘Primephonic’. At the time, they stated that subscribers “would have a significantly improved classical music experience, starting with playlists and exclusive audio content”. 
  • Although it is a standalone Apple Music service, Apple Music Classical will need internet connection to provide all platform features. 
  • It also uses spatial audio — an immersive audio format that offers a multi-dimensional experience, adding space, clarity and depth that traditional stereo music cannot. 

It is worth noting that Apple Music Voice Plan subscribers (option to play music with Siri) cannot use Classical. Also, it is not possible to download songs for offline listening. 

With information from Engadget

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