Apple launches Tracker Detect app: Android users get their own app

A few days ago Apple released the Tracker Detect app for Android devices. With this you can find Apple AirTags in your area and at the same time track down Apple devices that are compatible with the “Find-My” network. We explain to you why the app makes sense, but it is not a “real” AirTag app.

  • The new app from Apple helps Android users to track down AirTags nearby
  • However, other devices can be tracked that are compatible with the “Find My” network.


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With the AirTags, Apple introduced item trackers a few months ago that can be tracked down to the centimeter with the latest iPhones. What is really practical on keyrings or in the wallet only hit the headlines a few days ago. Car thieves used the AirTags to tag vehicles that were then tracked down and robbed. At that time we also published an article about the security of AirTags.

Apple is now improving the security of the trackers with a new Android app. Because with “Tracker Detect” the devices can be recognized even without an iPhone or iPad. So if you have been slipped an AirTag, you will be notified in the app.

No replacement for the Apple AirTag app

However, the functionality of the app is quite limited. With a tap of the finger, the app scans for AirTags or Apple devices that are too far away from the actual owner. This shows you Tracker Detect on the screen. This allows you to see exactly how many and, above all, which devices are in your area, receive information about the devices, and also how you can switch them off. So if you have been hailed a tracker, you can remove the battery with the help of this app and thus cancel the location.

Here, however, you can also see the big difference to the actual AirTag app. With the Tracker Detect app program, you can only track down third-party devices. You also don’t get any direct device names, you only see an “Unknown Device”. The airbag app, on the other hand, is the app for Apple devices that shows you where your AirTags and “Find-My” devices are located. So it is not a way of using the practical trackers with an Android device.

What do you think of the app? Do you think it has any use for Android owners? Let us know in the comments!

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