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Apple launches self-repair service

In recent years, Apple has tried to make it easier for those who have a product to repair. Indeed, the firm already offers a program for independent repairers so that they can have all the documents, tools and spare parts necessary to carry out repairs correctly.

But Apple didn’t stop there. In 2021, it announced a new program allowing customers to repair their iPhones themselves. Announced in November, the new program, dubbed Self Service Repair, launched this week in the United States.

The models that Apple customers will be able to repair themselves are those of the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 13 series, as well as the third generation iPhone SE. The proposed repairs include the battery, the camera, as well as the screen.

Replacement parts and tools sold by Apple

According to Apple, 200 spare parts and tools are available on the site that went live under the new program. When a user wants to make a repair, Apple first asks him to consult the repair manual, before going to the Apple Self Service Repair Store to buy spare parts and tools.

Note that for those who do not wish to buy the tools, Apple also offers a rental service for these tools, at 49 dollars for a period of one week.

“The Apple tools available to customers on the Self Service Repair Store are the same as those used by Apple’s repair network. They are custom designed to help provide the best repairs for Apple products and are built to withstand the rigors of high volume professional repair operations where safety and reliability are the top priority. High-quality tools offered by Self Service Repair include torque screwdrivers, repair trays, display and battery presses, and more »says Apple in its announcement.

Later, Apple will also offer tools and parts to perform repairs for Macs with Apple Silicon chips. And moreover, if the program is still only available in the United States, the Cupertino company will extend it to other countries this year, starting with Europe.

But Apple insists that these repairs should be done by people already familiar with repairing electronics. For those who have no experience, the firm recommends going to see a professional.

Of course, the launch of this program by Apple rejoices all those who defend the right to repair. The easier a smartphone is to repair or get repaired, the longer it will last, which is good for the planet.

Moreover, it should be noted that Google and Samsung have already launched similar programs, allowing customers to buy kits including spare parts as well as tools to carry out the repairs themselves.

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