If you are thinking of buying a new iPhone in the USA, it may be good to know that all four models of iPhone 14 sold in the country lack support for physical SIM cards. Instead, users have to rely on e-sim, i.e. electronic SIM cards.

In connection with Ifixit’s disassembly of the iPhone 14, we have learned that Apple replaced the SIM card slot with a square piece of plastic that does not seem to fulfill any function whatsoever.

In the long run, the space will certainly be used for something more sensible, for example a slightly larger battery.

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The announcement to remove the physical SIM card has been met with a lot of criticism, especially as it means that it may become difficult for Americans to use their mobile phones in countries that require physical SIM cards.

We can probably expect a similar change to take place in our part of the world in connection with the launch of the iPhone 15 next year.