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Apple: iPhone users should do an emergency update

(Photo: Courtesy Apple)
(Photo: Courtesy Apple)

Millions of users of Manzana they must immediately go to the iPhone and activate an update that is already available called iOS 15.5, it is a new version of the operating system for said mobiles.


Apple had pulled two months ago iOS version 15.4but this brought 39 security problems for users, therefore, it is very important to activate this new option available in the iPhone settings.

So far, the security problems that led to the new update are unknown, since it must be remembered that neither Apple nor Google comment on this type of error and only announce the security update.


Thus, iPhone users must update the cell phone as there are 34 vulnerabilities corrected. From running arbitrary code with kernel or system privileges, to bypassing sandbox restrictions, denial of service, and elevation of privilege.

According to Apple, these are the fixes:


-Execution of arbitrary code by processing a maliciously created image.

-Processing a ‘large input’ could lead to a denial of service.

-Tracking of users in Safari’s private browsing mode by a malicious website.


-Access to photos from the lock screen (requires physical access).

-Execution of code through the processing of malicious web content.

The main recommendation is to update immediately because there would be two relevant options. The first is that users have operating problems with the mobile device and the second is that the attackers, upon learning that these vulnerabilities exist, do everything possible to attack.

However, it is important to clarify to iPhone users that until now it is unknown that there have been successful attacks on the vulnerabilities that iOS 15.4 had. But, this is not a reason to be overconfident and not immediately do the update.

How to update the iPhone

Before performing the update it is important to make a backup of the cell phone information in (iCloud). Then, have a good battery charge and a good internet signal or secure WiFi.

one. Login to Setting.

two. In the new screen click on General.

3. To select Software update.

Four. You must identify that the update is 15.5 and choose it.

5. To select Install Now and ready!


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