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Apple iOS 14.6 update prompts Apple Watch Series 3 users to restore it before updating.

In September 2017, Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 3, adding an integrated mobile phone to the world’s number one watch. Whether users are going for a run, enjoying the pool, or just want to be more active during the day, the Apple Watch Series 3 with a built-in mobile phone enables you to stay connected. You can make calls, send text messages with your Apple watch even if you don’t have your iPhone near you. Some users complained that it is very difficult for them to install watchOS updates starting from Apple Watch Series 3. Although the problem still exists, It seems like Apple has made some changes in iOS 14.6 update, it prompts users to restore their Apple Watch S3 before updating.

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Not enough memory Apple Watch Series 3 

The Apple Watch S3 directly faces the problem of having just 8GB of storage space. The lack of internal storage space is the key problem that Apple Watch S3 GPS version users faced.

Users who always have Apple Watch S3 will always encounter the same error when trying to install system updates. WatchOS of Apple Watch S3 notifies the users about not enough storage memory. Apple says that in order to install a new iOS 14.6 update u need to restore all the data and settings from your Apple Watch, which is not a user-friendly method.

Restore Apple Watch S3

Apple has stopped trying to force its users to manually delete apps and media to free up space, which can hardly solve the problem. To install the watchOS update, a new iOS update 14.6 prompts the user to disconnect and restore the Apple Watch S3.

You need to disconnect the Apple Watch with your iPhone and connect again with the Apple Watch app in order to install the WatchOS update.

The company previously advised users to free up some space by deleting some content before attempting to install the update again.

Your Apple Watch needs at least 3.0 GB of free storage space to install iOS 14.6 update.


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It seems like Apple is not willing to resolve the issue of Apple Watch Series 3 users.

Unfortunately, this also indicates that Apple is unlikely to solve this problem for Apple Watch Series 3 users. We will find it on WWDC 2021 within few days that if the S3 model will be discontinued and not compatible with watchOS 8.

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