Apple has removed 541,697 apps from the App Store lately

According to Finbold (Finance in Bold), Apple deleted 541,697 apps from the App Store during the third quarter of the year, which corresponds to 24.79 percent of the total number of apps in the store.


Thus, there are currently “only” 1.6 million apps left on the App Store, which is the lowest number recorded in seven years.

The reason for the purge is that the apps are considered abandoned by the developers, as they have not received any updates for a long time.


The purge has been met with criticism, especially as it means many classic games have disappeared. According to the critics, it should at least be possible to download the apps if you are running an older version of IOS.

Updating the apps to work with newer hardware and software is considered not worth the effort, as it is difficult to reach a wider audience due to the fierce competition.

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