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Apple has released more important updates

Apple has released more important updates

At the end of last week, we wrote about the fact that a larger bugfix is ​​coming to iPhones soon, and it became available to all users on Monday evening. New information regarding the iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3 update is that it also patches two major security flaws in WebKit, which could have allowed devices to be attacked through content accessed through the browser. The full patch list can be found here, Apple patches the errors going back to the iPhone 5S, so devices on iOS 12 have also received an update (iOS 12.5.7), and users using iOS 15 can also install 15.7 .3 system with fixes.

In the morning, my iPhone 13 Mini indicated that a new update had arrived. (source: Mobilearena) [+]

According to the description of the update, security hardware keys can now be used, support for the second generation HomePod has arrived, iCloud now encrypts all data, emergency SOS now requires holding down two buttons continuously, a bug in the Freeform application has been fixed, due to which the drawn content sometimes did not appear . In addition, the streaking problem experienced on the iPhone 14 Pro models was corrected and the error due to which the wallpaper did not appear normally in some cases was also fixed. I recommend the 9to5Mac your video:

The security patches for iPhone and iPad have also arrived on Mac computers (macOS Ventura 13.2, Monterey 12.6.3, Big Sur 11.7.3), Apple TV devices have also received an update to tvOS 16.3, and the clock has been updated, it is possible to install the watchOS 9.3 too. The update is available as OTA for all users.

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