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Apple has killed iMessage on Android due to lock-in

If you are an Apple device user, you may have wondered if you can use iMessage on Android to chat with iPhone users. And, if you are an Android user, you might even want to know what iMessage is now. If this is the case, please clarify that iMessage is Apple’s instant messaging application and service. Users can communicate between it and Apple devices.

On iOS, iMessage and SMS messages are integrated into the same application. So when the system tries to send a message to a contact, it first tries to try through iMessage, and if it can’t, it uses it as a text message.

As users of Apple devices with personal and professional contacts. They also use Apple devices, the truth is that I hardly use them. And, this is not a criticism, be careful, I think it works very well, the animated meme function is very interesting, and its emoticons (although some are paid) also add a lot of vibrancy to the conversation. The problem is that the final scope is very limited.

iMessage on Android would kill us
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Why Apple does not want iMessage on Android?

If Apple decides to introduce iMessage on Android as an application that allows access to the service, this problem can be fixed. It doesn’t seem particularly complicated. I bet if it’s just out of curiosity, many users will be encouraged to give it a try. In turn, this will lead to more Apple device users using it more regularly. It is how the virtuous circle, market share growth, and success stories are described.

The problem is that, as we have seen in 9to5Google, Apple does not want iMessage on Android. It’s not that he doesn’t care, no, he opposes this situation. The documents provided by Apple in the legal action brought by Epic Games allowed us to find the answer. Opinions on the document will take place next month, which is expected to be one of the tensest times in the technological field in 2021.

Why doesn’t Apple want iMessage on Android? The short version is “Moving iMessage to Android hurts us more than it does us.” Do you want to extend the version?


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